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Apple juice


A natural source of vitamins is apple juice.
Apple is one of the most favorite foods of our diet. Delicious preserves and jam are made from it. From an amazing product get useful dried fruits. From the fruit squeeze the healing drink, the benefits of which are known a lot. One cup apple juice able to charge the energy of an adult before lunch. Is it possible to harm such a popular and tasty juice - read below.

Composition and calorie apple juice.

In addition to the delicious aroma and excellent taste, apple juice has many beneficial substances. It is caused by the easily digestible carbohydrates, sugars, organic acids, dietary fibers, proteins and fats.

Apples contain a huge dose of ascorbic acid. Everyone probably heard about it. This product is endowed with natural vitamins. In comparison with other juices, apple, by the content of minerals, significantly exceeds. It is a true source of potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, iodine, chromium, zinc. The enzymes that make up are necessary for the body to digest food. That is why apple juice perfectly stimulates the bowels.
The drink has long been introduced into the diet. And this is due to the calorie amazing drink. After all, it is only 46 kcal in a hundred grams of healing liquid.

Beneficial features

When consuming apple juice, a lot of people do not even think about it, but what is actually the use? And why it is worth choosing this healing drink from the numerous assortment of juices.

Baby food. All moms know that the first complement to the baby’s diet is apple juice. The drink does not cause allergies. In its composition, it is sweet, so it does not require the addition of sugar. And besides, the apple is a real storehouse of vitamins and nutrients that are so necessary for the baby. The availability of the fruit makes it possible to produce it yourself, at home.

Anemia. For people who suffer from this disease, nature itself has chosen a unique means of treatment. Only choose should be green apples for juice. In them, the iron content is much higher than in the relatives of red or yellow shades. A unique product until February does not lose all the healing properties, so it is perfect for pushing a vitamin drink.

Digestion. Pectin contained in apple juice has a beneficial effect on the intestines. It perfectly cleans the system from toxins, toxins, harmful substances. Drink normalizes peristalsis, relieves the body of processed foods. However, it should be remembered that the use of juice can turn into the opposite side. Therefore, before use for medicinal purposes, you should carefully read the contraindications.

Energy charge. Apple juice is recommended to drink in the morning. After all, he just charges with cheerfulness, helps a person to wake up faster. This is due to the easy, almost instantaneous assimilation of the drink. Consequently, the extra costs of digestion from the body is not required.

Hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity. Doctors for these ailments simply strongly recommend to enter the drink in the daily diet. It is believed that even half a glass of drink before meals can work wonders.
Heart diseases. If diseases associated with the most important organ of a person are diagnosed, then an apple drink is recommended to be combined with tomato or lemon.

Kidney stones or gallbladder. Scientists have proven that a healing drink can dissolve small stones. We are talking about sizes up to 1 cm. Just do not experiment on your own. Any treatment should be agreed with the doctor.

Old age. In a vain search for the elixir of youth, many means have been tried. And the real treasure is nearby. In the course of research, it was found that apple juice can slow down the aging of the body, reducing the possible occurrence of senile dementia. Allows you to keep a sober and clear mind.

Cholesterol. The drink is rich in fiber. That it allows you to regulate the body's cholesterol level. One glass of miraculous fluid is enough to bring blood flow to normal, to make the vessels flexible and elastic.

Brain. The benefits of juice extends to brain cells. He protects them from destruction. It is known that the healing drink can prevent the development of even Alzheimer's disease. This fact is confirmed by scientists. In addition, under stressful situations, apple juice comes to the rescue again. It does not oxidize the brain cells, protecting them from the harmful effects of stress.

Harm from apple juice.

  • The main thing, when consuming apple drink, is to fully remember the reasonable quantities. Excessive juice consumption can cause an allergic reaction.
  • People who are diagnosed with gastritis (acidity), ulcers, pancreatitis (during an exacerbation), it is desirable to exclude apple juice from your diet. During remission, after consulting a doctor, the drink is allowed to be consumed, only in diluted form.
  • It should be remembered that by consuming more than one liter a day, you risk causing flatulence, diarrhea, and heaviness in the stomach.
  • Women who feed babies during the first months of a baby’s life should also refrain from drinking. After all, it can cause bloating of the tummy of a newborn.

Recipe 3. Apple-pumpkin juice.


  • 1 kg of pumpkin (peeled)
  • 1 kg of apples
  • 10 g of citric acid
  • 200 g sugar

Peeled pumpkin should be passed through a juicer. From apples also squeezed juice. If you want to preserve the apple flavor, you need to leave a few seeds in the fruit.

Both components are mixed. To them should be added citric acid and sugar. The mixture must be boiled for about 10 minutes. Be sure to stir, otherwise the juice will burn.

Hot drink poured into cans. And, as in the first recipe, wrapped before cooling.

A unique way to make juice.

Today, the difficulty of making juice does not cause anyone. Wonderful inventions of technology - a meat grinder or a juicer - come to the rescue. How did people make an amazing drink without all these devices before? The people adopted the so-called diffuse method. It is very easy to repeat it today.

Take three or four 3-liter jars. In the first place cut apples (1.5 kg). Fill the jar with water (60-70 C). Infuse the liquid should for 6-8 hours. After the specified period, place the same freshly prepared fresh apples into the second jar and cover with the liquid drained from the first one. After 6-8 hours, do the same operations with the third can. Only the liquid before pouring should be heated to 60-70 C. After 6-8 hours, the drained liquid from the third can will be delicious delicious juice.

So that the juice from apples brings invaluable benefits to the body, and not harm - drink only high-quality drink, in acceptable standards and take into account contraindications!

Composition of apple juice

In addition to the incredible taste and aroma, apple juice contains a whole range of nutrients and nutrients, such as sugars, carbohydrates and organic acids, as well as fiber, proteins, starch and fats. Even alcohol is present in a small amount.

Apples contain a lot of ascorbic acid, as well as vitamin E, PP, H and B vitamins. And there are more minerals in apple juice than in other fruits and juices. There are zinc, iron, copper, iodine, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, manganese, molybdenum, chromium, vanadium, boron, chlorine, sulfur, aluminum, cobalt, nickel, rubidium.

Apple juice benefits

Due to the high combination of useful substances, apple juice is used in diseases of the stomach, liver, kidneys, intestines and bladder. No wonder pediatricians are advised to regularly give apple juice to children.

Apples contain pectin, which quickly normalizes the work of the stomach. In addition, the benefits of apple juice is to act on brain cells. It protects brain cells from destruction and is an excellent prevention from such a dangerous disease like Alzheimer's disease.

A series of experiments were conducted on mice, and all of them showed that apple juice perfectly protects brain cells from oxidative processes, which are activated during the stress period, which indicates the powerful antioxidant properties of juice. It is enough to drink 300 ml of juice daily to protect yourself from the development of sclerosis of cerebral vessels.

Due to the presence of organic acids and natural sugars, the use of apple juice is to strengthen the blood vessels and the heart and restore the body after heavy loads. Apple juice is very useful for children, as a growing body needs constant vitamins and minerals. And with constipation and gastritis with low acidity, an excellent remedy is sour apple juice.

Doctors recommend drinking apple juice for children with avitaminosis, anemia. And for adults, it will be useful after a heart attack and other serious diseases.

Regular consumption of juice from apples protects the body from radiation, normalizes the work of the heart and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. Freshly squeezed juice from apples has a diuretic and choleretic effect, increases vitality, strengthens the immune system, refreshes and quenches thirst, is an excellent prevention against the formation of kidney stones.

With gout, atherosclerosis, metabolic disorders and high mental loads, apple juice supports the body and heals it. The benefits of apple juice are also to kill germs and improve sleep. In addition, it perfectly eliminates the effects of overeating.

With diabetes, it is better to use juice squeezed from green apples.

Apply Apple Juice

Apple juice is widely used in cooking. Drinks, jellies, mousses, sauces, jelly and gravy are made from it. Apple juice is often added to various cocktails and sorbets.

There are many recipes for the use of apple juice in traditional medicine. So, to dissolve stones and sand in the gallbladder, they do the following: For three days, 2 full glasses of juice every day are drunk every two hours. Begin to drink juice from 8 o'clock in the morning with one glass, and every two hours they drink two glasses up to 8 pm inclusive.

At the same time no food other than juice is consumed. If there is no stool, then in the evening before bedtime it is necessary to take an infusion of laxative herbs, or make an enema with warm water. This method of getting rid of gallstones is quite complicated, but very effective. Of course, such treatment should be done only with the permission of the attending physician.

For constipation, they drink apple juice in one glass before each meal, and the juice of oven apples relieves the pain of gout.

Apple juice is used not only in cooking and traditional medicine, but also in cosmetology. For example, they make masks for the face based on it that relieve reddening of the skin.

Harm of apple juice

Like any other juice, apple also should not be abused. If it is consumed excessively, it can cause an unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the stomach, bloating and increased gas formation, as well as irritation of the mucous membranes.

In the presence of chronic diseases, the harm of apple juice will be obvious. In particular, this applies to people with cholecystitis, hepatitis, inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and intestines.

In addition, you should not use too much undiluted juice, and it is better to dilute it with water or other juices: beetroot, carrot, grape, pumpkin, peach and others.

The harm from apple juice can be in diseases such as gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, pancreatitis.

Why is apple juice useful?

Scientists around the world have long been looking for effective measures to counteract the aging process of the human body, how to suspend it, and from the very beginning apples have become the subject of their close study.

British experts from the British city of Norwich, who work at the Institute of Nutrition, argue that one of the most radical anti-old drugs can be called apple juice.

They proved that the cardiovascular system of middle-aged people who drink 1-2 cups of apple juice per day works like young people. And the thing is that in it there is an epicatechin, still a little-studied flavonoid, which so magically affects the mechanism of aging of the body, slowing it down. So what did the researchers find out?

Conducting their experiments on a group of people from 40 to 55 years old, scientists were amazed by the results. It turned out that epicatechin very effectively cleanses and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. it helps to improve blood circulation, facilitates the work of the heart, eliminates the risk of coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, as well as thrombosis.

So much for the "rejuvenating" apple! Scientists say that with regular use of these fruits and the juice of them, the whole body is able to “rejuvenate” for at least 17 years.

But doctors insist on the fact that it is not only the heart and blood vessels that are favorably affected by the drink from apples. It is advisable to use it in many other chronic diseases., after all Apple juice:

Thanks to flavanoids found in green apples, helps reduce blood glycemic index in diabetes.

  • Prevents cancerin particular, duodenal cancer.
  • Helps get rid of kidney and bladder inflammation.
  • It is a mild laxative..
  • Reduces blood pressure, especially the juice from green varieties of apples.
  • Favorably affects the nervous system, and protects brain cells from destruction and sclerosis, prevents such a little-studied disease, like Alzheimer's disease.

For women

A treasure trove of beneficial properties contained in apple juice will undoubtedly benefit the female body:

  • The rich content of vitamins, especially vitamin C, in apple juice will strengthen the immune system of the woman’s body.
  • A high iron content will support her body during critical days, restoring hematopoietic functions and increasing hemoglobin levels.
  • Vitamin E and carotenoids contained in the juice will always be on guard for female beauty. 200 total

300 ml of juice and hair will be shiny, and nails and teeth strong.

  • Also, women will not be afraid of depression and depressed psychological state.
  • You can read about the healing properties of cloves here.

    For men

    First of all, I would like to note that the male body is more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases than the female one. Therefore, the "friendship" of men with apple juice will be the best preventive tool to combat them. Also, the drink will have a positive effect on potency, restoring male hormones.

    An example of this could be N. Walker, a long-liver from America. This man, according to him, his whole life was a passionate fan of fruit and vegetable juices, and Apple was one of his most beloved ones. This respectable man lived 119 years, the last child was born to him when he was 96 years old.

    In Soviet times, visiting nurses and pediatricians who monitored newborns advised from 2 months of age to breastfeed to add apple juice to the infants ’diet, since it was perfectly absorbed by the child’s body and did not cause an allergic reaction.

    Now the trends have changed, only breast milk is prescribed to children up to half a year, however, the use of apple juice for the child’s body is not in any doubt. It is recommended during the transition from breastfeeding a baby to a normal diet in our day. And children after a year, without exception, doctors recommend drinking fresh apple juice at least 1 cup per day.

    The content of iodine in juices from fresh apples is higher than in banana and orange. And as you know, iodine has a positive effect on the mental activity of children, and also helps in the fight against children's avitaminosis and anemia. They study better, less prone to colds.


    • You should not abuse apple juice to people with diabetes mellitus grade 1, because of the high content of fructose and glucose in sweet apple varieties, patients with this disease, it is desirable to drink juice from unsweetened apple varieties.
    • People with high acidity and with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract should also consult a doctor, especially during periods of exacerbations.
    • Children up to 1 year.
    • People prone to allergic reactions are also a good idea to consult a doctor in what quantities and how many times a day to drink apple juice.

    Drink juices from such “youthful” apples that are so loved and familiar to us, and your health will always be at its best!

    You will learn about the beneficial properties of carrot juice here.

    Drinks - Apple Juice

    Apple Juice - Drinks

    Apple juice is familiar to all from childhood. This is probably one of the first products that people try in their lives. Его рекомендуют в качестве прикорма маленьким деткам, да и для взрослых это вкусное и полезное лакомство. Полезность яблочного сока трудно недооценить.Its valuable medicinal qualities are widely used in medicine for the treatment and prevention of various diseases, and in cooking for the preparation of delicious dishes. Also common is the use of this drink in cosmetology, as a raw material for cosmetic products. And of course, it is a tasty and effective way to lose weight. But there are still a lot of questions about its use. What is useful concentrated apple juice? Can I cook it for the winter? How many months to give his newborn? These and many other questions can be answered in this article.

    Chemical composition and nutritional value

    Depending on the variety of apples from which apple juice is made, its caloric content varies. For example, sweeter varieties contain more sugar, which means they contain much more calories. On average, the energy value of such a product is about 46 kcal. The protein content in it - 0.5 grams, carbohydrates - 10.1 grams. Fat accounts for only 0.1 grams. The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (BJU) is 16, 17 and 67%. Organic acids are present in it, the most popular of which are malic, citric and tartaric. Its composition contains 88.1 grams of water and 0.2 grams of dietary fiber. There is a little ash - 0.3 grams. In the composition of apple juice in small doses there is also alcohol - about 0.2 grams.

    The vitamin complex consists of vitamins of group B, the content of which varies from 0.01 mg to 0.1 mg. Most of all in apple juice is folic acid. Also present in it is ascorbic acid - about 2 mg and a source of youth and beauty, vitamin E - about 0.1 mg. You can also highlight here niacin about 0.1 mg, as well as vitamin H - 1 mg.

    As you can see, the vitamin complex, although it includes a variety of different useful vitamins, but their content is not too large. But the main benefit of this drink is different.

    It contains a magnificent mineral composition, which contains a number of valuable and useful micro-and macro. It is represented by potassium in the amount of 120 mg, calcium - 7 mg, magnesium - 4 mg, sodium - 6 mg, phosphorus - 7 mg and chlorine - 0.3 mg. Iron is extracted from trace elements in it - about 1.4 mg, molybdenum - about 5 μg, copper in the amount of 59 μg and chromium, which is 3.9 μg. Also, a smaller amount of daily intake contain iodine, aluminum, rubidium, manganese and zinc.

    As part of apple juice, there are important enzymes for the body - enzymes that are charitable influence on the digestive system. They are actively involved in the process of splitting and digesting food. And also it is a rich source of pectins, without which the normal functioning of the intestine and stomach is impossible.

    It contains a small amount of carotene and some essential oils, as well as tannins.

    Technological process, selection and storage of juice

    Much of the apple juice that can be found on the shelves of a supermarket is produced industrially. For this purpose, special equipment is used, such as a press for spinning. They are both small (hydraulic and screw) and industrial, in which they squeeze apples in large volumes. Production technology includes the spin and pasteurization process. Aseptic product packaging is used for storage. Sometimes the juice is obtained in the process of recovering it from the concentrate. To make it transparent, some manufacturers often provide particle sedimentation. Then there is the clarification of the product and purification or filtration. To lighten it there are several ways:

    Now on the shelves of the store a large amount of this product is presented in various packages: in glass, in plastic, in bags or boxes. Each box of this juice may vary in composition and method of preparation.

    When choosing a product, of course you should pay attention to the composition of the product, its organoleptic characteristics and the date of its manufacture. It is better to use the product in glass containers. Then it can be judged by appearance. Such juice is stored for about two years. A shelf life of a drink in a tetrapack is 1 year. Such cardboard packaging is the best protection from the sun's rays, which means there will be better preserved vitamins and nutrients.

    Use in traditional medicine

    In folk medicine, the healing properties of apple juice are widely used. It is used as an effective tool for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. Freshly squeezed juice from apples is very useful in hypertension, due to its diuretic effect and choleretic property. It is able to prevent the appearance of stones in the kidneys and gall bladder, helps restore body tone and charge with vital force. There are many recipes for traditional medicine that can help alleviate the course of diseases or prevent diseases.

    For obesity, for example, it is recommended to use a mixture of apple, melon, tomato and lemon juice. And with gout, baked apple juice helps wonderfully.

    Another useful feature of Fresch is liver cleansing. It should be noted that in the process of such cleansing urine becomes turbid.

    For dissolving stones

    With this juice, you can dissolve sand and stones in the gallbladder and kidneys. But such treatment should occur only with the consent of the doctor. Self-treatment in this case can not be engaged. So, if the approval of a specialist is obtained, then the following recipe will be appropriate here.

    Every day for three days you need to eat half a liter of fresh juice every two hours. Other foods are not allowed. To avoid constipation, you can take infusions of herbs that promote bowel relaxation, you can also make an enema with warm water.

    In the morning of the third day, half an hour after drinking the first glass of juice, you should also drink about 120 ml of olive oil. You can drink a small amount of diluted apple juice. If you feel weakness it is better to lie down a bit.

    In the evening of the same day should take a hot bath. Soap with the use is not necessary. Usually, after such a procedure, stones and sand begin to come out.

    How to cook and drink apple juice

    The best juice - made at home from natural ingredients, without the content of synthetic dyes and preservatives. For this juice, you can take any apples, it is desirable that they were juicy and not soft. Well, if there is a juicer, then juicing does not take time at all. But even if it is not there, it does not matter. To prepare apple juice is not difficult without it. To do this, you can use the good old way: grate the apples on a grater and then squeeze through a sieve or gauze. In any case, such a freshly made juice should be consumed within a few minutes after the spin. Keep this juice should be tightly closed in the refrigerator. The shelf life of the product - no more than a day. For longer storage, you can use canned juice and even prepare it for the winter.

    Usually, fresh juices are not consumed at night, as they cause fermentation in the intestines. Also, many reviews recommend not to take it in its pure form, and diluted with water or other juices.

    Properly drink apple juice through the tube, so as not to damage the tooth enamel organic acids contained in it.

    Preparation of canned juice for the winter

    Making canned juice also does not take much time. Such juice can be obtained in two ways: in the first case, a juicer is useful, and in the second case a juicer will help. Both in that and in another variant, the preservation of apple fresh juices is not laborious and quite entertaining. In any case, for preparation for the winter, the product must be pasteurized at a high temperature.

    In the first case, you need to squeeze out the juice using a juicer and place in an enamel bowl. Bring it to a boil, constantly removing the resulting foam. If you want, you can add a couple of tablespoons of sugar. If you need juice with pulp, you can roll it at this stage. If without pulp, then first it must be carefully filtered through several layers of gauze, then heated again and then poured into jars.

    In the second case, you just need to boil the apples cut into pieces in a juice pot. They will heat up and become fluid. The process must take place at high heat, otherwise it will stand out very slowly and the juice will cool before we roll it into the banks. Boil them until they are completely softened, and then collect the juice and preserve.

    You can also boil the juice in a slow cooker, this process takes only five minutes. To do this, you need to wash the apples, peel, cut into cubes and skip through a juicer. The resulting juice pour into the bowl multicooker. Cooking in the “Soup” mode for five minutes. After bottling, cool and thus prepare a delicious drink for the winter.

    You can also make wonderful apple syrup from concentrated apple juice.

    Apple juice for babies

    So from what age to apply it for the baby? This is a traditional product commonly used as the first complementary foods for children up to one year old. Previously, doctors allowed even a month-old to inject juice into the diet, now the principles of breastfeeding are gaining momentum. And it is believed that up to six months the child should not receive anything other than breast milk. Officially allowed to enter their baby from three months, but experts recommend not to rush and begin the introduction of complementary foods from 6 months of age.

    Children's apple juice can be found in stores in different variations, but it is best to prepare natural juice at home. Moreover, making it for a child does not take much time. After all, every mother wants the best for her baby. To do this, rub an apple on a coarse grater and simply squeeze it with your hand or filter through gauze. You can also beat it in a blender, especially if used in combination with carrot. Often children are given this juice with the additions of others: carrot, apricot and others. Also, from apple juice with pulp, you can make your kid a delicious apple puree.

    If all the same decided to stay on the store version, then in this case you need to make a choice in favor of the recovered product. As it is obtained by dilution of apple concentrate and many useful substances are stored in it. While the drink is directly pressed, heat-treated, in which most of the valuable components are lost.

    What is contained in

    Apple juice is a “cocktail” of vitamins, minerals, organic acids and enzymes. Water in the composition of vegetables and fruits has a special structure, it is considered “alive”. The drink is low-calorie, as 100 grams contain less than 50 calories. However, the exact energy value and the ratio of nutrients will depend on the variety of apples: the sweeter the fruit, the higher the caloric content and the content of carbohydrates and sugars.

    The ratio of BZHU and water is as follows:

    • proteins - 0.5 g,
    • fats - 0.1 g,
    • carbohydrates — 10 g,
    • water - 88 g

    The drink can not be called very rich in vitamins, but apple juice contains many micro and macro elements:

    In a smaller amount, the juice contains iodine, molybdenum, chromium, folic acid (vitamin B9), as well as pectins, essential oils and tannins.

    With pregnancy and nursing

    While waiting for a baby, apple juice is not only possible, but also should be taken - this opinion is shared by gynecologists. The drink improves digestion, fills the body of mommy and baby with useful nutrients, helps the functioning of many systems and organs of a woman who are under increased stress during this period. If a woman does not have general contraindications to eating a fruit, you can drink juice from 4 medium apples (about 500 ml) - this is the daily norm for an adult, including for the expectant mother.

    During pregnancy, you should give preference to green varieties of apples, which have the lowest sugar content and a high percentage of vitamin and mineral substances. It is also worth drinking only fresh, that is, no more than 10-15 minutes should pass from the moment of preparation, because after a specified time the amount of useful substances will be much lower. Pregnant woman can not eat store packaged juices!

    As for nursing women, they can also use apple juice, but only from green varieties of apples. Red varieties of apples can cause allergies to the baby. Juice should be drunk with caution, paying attention to the reaction of the child: If a rash appears or the child suffers from colic, you should refrain from drinking for a while.

    Infants and children

    Freshly squeezed fruit product - This is an excellent source of vital substances for an actively growing organism, but when meeting a crumbs with this drink should be careful. If the baby eats mother's milk, it is necessary to inject the drink into the diet not earlier than the 6th month, if the crumb is mixed, then the first portions of juice can be given from the 4th month of life.

    By the way, freshly squeezed apple drink is the first juice to acquaint your child with, as the risk of product allergy is minimal. For the first time to give the toddler to drink in the dosage of 0.5-1 t. ​​L. It is optimal to choose a break between feedings in the morning. After the "dating" carefully monitor the reaction and well-being of the baby. If no negative manifestations are detected, the amount of the product can be increased and offered to the child in a couple of days. It is important to remember that before the age of 1, the child should not offer juice mixes, the product should not be mixed with other juices. Before use, it must be combined with water in equal parts.

    For children from a year old and older, juice is also a useful and necessary product, but even here there are a number of important rules for drinking:

    1. Before taking the drink, consult your pediatrician regarding the state of health and the absence of contraindications to the use of fresh.
    2. Give the child juice just before eating (for 30 minutes), as it is quickly digested and passes further along the intestines. Otherwise, the product will remain in the stomach, where the fermentation process will begin.
    3. Dilute the product with water.
    4. From 3 years old apple drink can be mixed with other fruit juices, greens.
    5. At the age of 3-10 years, the daily rate of the product is 80-100 ml, which should be taken in two runs.

    How to make at home: a recipe

    As we indicated earlier, fresh apples should be drunk immediately after preparation. But I want to be able to enjoy a drink at any time! One option is to harvest juice for the winter in banks. Consider how to do it correctly while maintaining the maximum benefit of the drink.

    Ingredients Required

    The main ingredient will be apples. Depending on the variety, size of apples, and the type of juicer from 1 kg of fruit, it will be possible to squeeze out from 300 to 500 ml of liquid. Juicers can be centrifugal and auger. The latter version of the appliance is preferable, since it is possible to obtain a larger amount of product, which, due to the special operation of the apparatus, retains the maximum of useful substances.

    What you need:

    • apples,
    • lemon or citric acid,
    • pans for heating the juice,
    • banks,
    • covers.

    Step-by-step recipe with photos

    Step-by-step instructions for making delicious apple juice:

    1. Sort, rinse and clean the apples from the hearts.
    2. Pass the apples through the juicer, collect the juice.
    3. In the process of squeezing the juice foam is formed. To remove the foam, the drink should stand for some time - the foam will collect above the liquid.
    4. The container with the product languishes over low heat until small bubbles appear (the liquid has reached a temperature of 95 ° C).
    5. Meanwhile, we sterilize the jars and lids.
    6. Liquid should be removed and poured into prepared containers, covered with lids.

    The foam that collects at the top of the container is apple pulp. Jam can be prepared from it or not separated from the juice, in this case a precipitate forms in the jars, which is completely normal. For making juice, it is better to use sweeter varieties of apples, with a sufficient amount of natural sugar, to avoid adding white regular sweetener. Lemon can be used as desired - its addition will lighten the juice, which eventually begins to oxidize in air and darken. But if you are not confused by the dark shade of the drink, adding lemon is optional.

    How to drink and drink without limit

    Although the drink is natural and as healthy as possible, you cannot drink it in immense quantities. When using a drink, you need to follow a number of rules to get the maximum benefit from it:

    • it is advisable to drink the juice through a straw in order to avoid the effects of acids on the tooth enamel,
    • the product should always be drunk before meals and in no case afterwards,
    • concentrated drink must be diluted with water in a ratio of 2: 1 or 1: 1,
    • the maximum daily dose is 2 medium glasses of product at different times of the day,
    • apple juice goes well with greens,
    • do not eat on an empty stomach, it can cause irritation of the stomach,
    • after drinking the mouth, rinse with water.

    How and where to store

    Свежеприготовленный сок не подлежит длительному хранению, его нежелательно готовить заранее (например, на весь день), так как на воздухе он окисляется и теряет почти все полезные вещества и свойства. Однако при способе заготовки, рассмотренном выше, хранить напиток можно 1-2 года даже при комнатной температуре. The main thing - do not allow light and sunlight on the banks, as well as to put the workpiece away from the battery.

    The use of juice for cosmetic purposes

    Apple juice is a truly versatile cosmetic product. because, depending on the combination of ingredients, it is possible to prepare products for any skin type, to solve many problems with the epidermis. The product has the following effect on the skin:

    • tones up
    • rejuvenates
    • refreshing (especially during hot summer months),
    • cleans and disinfects with acids,
    • tightens pores in oily skin
    • brightens spots and freckles.
    Fresh apples are completely natural, the effect of the use of products with apple juice for the face is noticeable already at the 2-3rd week, and the tool itself will cost you a penny.

    The benefits of juice for women and men

    A storehouse of valuable compounds will benefit the female body.

    • A high iron content will support the body on critical days, increase hemoglobin levels and restore hematopoietic functions.
    • The product will strengthen the immune system thanks to vitamin C.
    • Carotenoids and vitamin E will add strength and shine to hair and nails, strengthen teeth.

    Freshly squeezed apple juice will improve the psychological state, help to overcome depression and depression.

    The male body is known to be more susceptible to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases than the female one. Regular consumption of apple drink will be the best way to prevent these problems.

    Juice has a positive effect on male potency, restores hormones.

    Rules and methods of cooking

    In order to maximize the benefits of freshly squeezed apple juice, it is necessary to prepare it from fresh, hard, ripe and high-quality products. Fruits should not be old, it is advisable to use non-imported apples and purchase them seasonally.

    Juice can be made by hand. To do this, you need to grind the fruits on a grater, squeeze the resulting mass through a sieve or cheesecloth. To saturate the body with a large number of nutrients, it is better to drink the drink immediately or within half an hour.

    An adult is recommended to drink no more than 200-250 ml of juice per day, for children - 50-100 ml.

    Canned juice

    All the useful compounds in the composition of apple juice from fresh fruits cannot be saved for a long time. Homemade canned juices help to leave most of the micronutrients and vitamins.

    To prepare such a drink is simple: squeeze the juice from fresh fruit using a juicer, bring to a boil and immediately turn off the heat. Next, pour the liquid on the banks, roll up. When using sour apples, you can add sugar if you wish.

    The resulting juice can be stored at home for 2 years.

    Juice juice

    Apple juice from the juice cooker preserves the vitamin and mineral composition as well as the canned drink. To prepare a natural product, it is necessary to cut the fruit into small pieces, put it in a water bath and turn on high heat.

    In the process of cooking, apple slices are steamed, become soft and give off valuable juice, which is collected in a specially provided container.

    Next, the apple juice from the juicer is poured into the cans and rolled. The best for this method of preparation of the drink are suitable slightly acidic or sweet fruit.

    Apple juice in the diet of a nursing mother and child

    Juice from apples is useful for women during breastfeeding. He gives all of his valuable qualities, vitamins and minerals to the mother’s body, saturates it with iron, which is necessary for the development and harmonious work of the nervous system of the baby, improving digestion.

    The drink rarely causes an allergic reaction in a child and is introduced into the infant’s diet by one of the first foods. Nursing mom during lactation is recommended to use apple juice from fresh green fruits without pulp: it has more benefits for the female and child's organisms.

    In the first months of the baby’s life, a fruit product is allowed to drink no more than 100 ml per day. It is advisable to dilute it with clean water in half due to the risk of intestinal colic in an infant. Further consumption can be gradually increased.

    Fresh apple juice is introduced into the diet of the baby at the age of 6 months. The drink should be prepared only from green varieties of apples. The first is better to offer the baby a clarified product without pulp, diluted in equal proportions with pure boiled water. The amount of liquid should not exceed 1 tsp. Gradually, the concentration of juice and the daily rate can be increased.

    In cosmetology

    Tannins and acids help to fix problem skin, regulate sebum production, and fight acne. The valuable ingredient in combination with other products is widely used in folk face mask recipes.

    Suitable for dry and normal skin type. Freshly squeezed juice from ripe apples (3 tbsp. L.) Mixed with honey (1 tsp.) And 1 tbsp. l sour cream. Apply the mixture to the previously cleaned area of ​​the face, neck and neck for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

    • Pull up and cleansing mask

    Egg white should be placed in a container, whipped until foam forms, pour 50-60 ml of apple juice in a thin stream, add 1 tsp. olive oil (can be replaced with grape seed oil or apricot). Means to mix thoroughly, apply on the face in stages in thin layers 3-4 times. The interval between them is about 3 minutes, the duration of finding a mask on the face is no more than 5 minutes. Wash off the composition with warm water and lubricate the skin of the face moisturizer.

    The mask gives the skin elasticity, makes it supple and young, helps get rid of gray complexion.

    Harm and contraindications

    The benefits and harm to the body are not comparable when using the juice from apples. There are no contraindications to drink intake, but there are cases when it should be used with caution or in limited quantities. These include:

    • increased acidity of the stomach,
    • gastritis, ulcers, colitis during exacerbation of the disease,
    • pancreatic problems, pancreatitis,
    • 1st degree diabetes,
    • allergic manifestations to the product,

    Drink medicines with fresh apple juice is impossible. Its use will neutralize the effect of the drug or lead to poisoning.

    When diarrhea, the inclusion of a drink in the diet can only aggravate the unpleasant symptom. Do not drink juice above the recommended dose. Excessive consumption can lead to abdominal discomfort, flatulence and other digestive problems.

    Thus, apple juice, especially freshly squeezed, is a very useful drink. It can have a positive effect on the internal organs, improve the health of the body, help with some ailments. The main thing is not to exceed the recommended daily allowance.

    Cooking Application

    This product due to its wholesome and taste qualities is widely distributed in the culinary field. With the help of it make various tasty mousses and jellies, drinks and jelly, as well as all sorts of gravy and sauces. Jelly from this drink is prepared both with gelatin and without it. There are many options for using apple juice. They make wonderful sorbets, apple juice, make delicious Charlotte apple pie, and mix it with various vegetable and fruit juices. Combinations of apple and carrot or beetroot juice are very useful. Celery has a great value, especially the fresh juice of this product mixed with natural apple juice.

    This drink is the basis for the preparation of cocktails. The most famous and popular today are the "Apple whiskey" and "Apple Martini". Apple mulled wine will be very beneficial for health, especially during colds and colds. Such a drink can be prepared with or without alcohol content. And in the summer it is very good to refresh the juice cocktail with ice cream. Braga on apple juice is used to produce home-made moonshine. Such a brew can be used as an independent refreshing low-alcohol drink.

    From the juice at home is the famous apple tincture Calvados. For its preparation, fresh juice should be put in a dark place for a day, then filtered through gauze. Subsequent distillation of the product will turn it into pure apple brew. And to get Calvados, you need to stand it in oak barrels in order to preserve the tart woody taste and aroma. For this moonshine is usually diluted with water up to 45 degrees. In the absence of barrels, you can use glass containers with wood pegs. It is necessary to fill them with moonshine, tightly close and put to insist in a dark cool place for at least 6 months. After that, infused Calvados must be filtered through several layers of gauze and poured into bottles for later storage.

    The fermented product is often used to make strong liquor, cider, often called apple wine, and vinegar. You can also get very tasty apple kvass from it. And if you add some freshly squeezed juice to tea, then it will sparkle with new colors and conquer with its interesting taste.

    Lean cupcake with apple juice

    In the period of posts often want sweet. In this case, you can cook a lean muffin. For the manufacture will need:

    • sugar - 1 tablespoon,
    • apple juice - 250 grams,
    • olive oil - a tablespoon floor,
    • walnuts - 250 grams,
    • soda - half a teaspoon,
    • flour - 2 tablespoons,
    • Apple - 1 piece,
    • apricot jam - 2 tablespoons,
    • salt.

    Fry the nuts in a dry frying pan, often stirring, and chop. Mix sugar, vegetable oil and salt. Add chopped nuts there. Add soda and frothy liquid to apple juice. There also send a finely chopped apple, and sifted flour. Pour the resulting dough into a mold and bake at 180 degrees for 50 minutes. Heated jam grease cupcake at the end of cooking.

    How to remove stains from apple juice

    The fact is that the stains obtained from freshly squeezed apple juice practically do not wash off. In order to get rid of them, the stain must be washed immediately as soon as it appeared there. But there are ways to deal with old pollution. Here are some of the blemish options:

    • to get stuck with washing powder
    • resort to using soap
    • use for removing boiling water and vinegar,
    • soak in citric acid,
    • apply a mixture of vodka and glycerin to the stain,
    • using water and ammonia,
    • use universal bleach "Vanish".

    Application in cosmetology

    This product helps to improve the quality of the skin:

    • increases humidity
    • softens and soothes,
    • refreshing
    • nourishes with vitamins and minerals.

    Masks based on it are good for sensitive skin, help get rid of redness and improve complexion. If you wash daily with fresh juice from apples mixed with glycerin in the proportion of 5: 1, you can achieve elasticity, firmness of the skin, and protect it from piercing winds and cold. The use of this natural product as a cosmetic product can be a worthy substitute for various synthetic drugs, and reduce the chemical effect that adversely affects the skin.

    This product is also used to improve the condition of the hair. Often used masks that promote their growth and prevent excessive fat.

    Mask for greasy hair

    Squeeze the juice from the apple, filter through gauze, add the yolk and mix thoroughly. In order to get a thick consistency you will need starch. It is added to the mixture and whipped to avoid lumps. The resulting mask should be applied to clean hair and hold for about an hour. After the procedure, rinse off with warm water.

    Apple Juice Face Mask

    To prepare the mask will need:

    • honey - 1 tablespoon,
    • half an apple
    • 1 yolk,
    • vegetable oil,
    • lemon juice - 1 tsp.

    Mix apple juice with honey and other ingredients. Bring to the formation of a homogeneous mass and impose on the face. Hold the mask for about half an hour. At the end of the procedure, rinse off with warm water and then use cold for washing.

    Apple juice for weight loss

    Due to its cleansing properties and low calorie content, apples can be used for nutritional purposes. Many are aware of such a great way to lose weight, like an apple diet. But apple juice also proved to be a good idea in this regard, although doctors do not recommend using it for these purposes because of the high glucose content in the product. But reviews that have lost weight often say the opposite. For weight loss, you can use various ways:

    • arrange a fasting day once a week,
    • sparing diet.

    In the first case, you need to consume about one and a half liters of apple juice per day and the same amount of non-carbonated mineral water. She can dilute the concentrate, or drink alternately concentrated product and water. But you need to know that fresh juice on an empty stomach should be drunk with caution, as it strongly irritates the mucous membrane. Therefore, all nutritionists recommend diluting it.

    In the second case, it is recommended to drink 150 ml of apple juice in the morning on an empty stomach half an hour before meals. During the day you should eat mostly protein foods and eat complex carbohydrates.

    In any case, apple fasting is good for the body. Because at this time, the juice cleans it, kills harmful microorganisms and bacteria, and also contributes to their conclusion.

    By the way, it should be remembered that for slimming it is best to use green apples of acidic varieties, as they have a lower calorie content.

    Contraindications and harm

    The frequent use of apple juice in large quantities can cause bloating and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. It can also irritate mucous membranes and lead to flatulence. In chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys, such as cholecystitis, hepatitis and others, as well as in exacerbation of diseases of the stomach and intestines, it is not recommended to drink this juice so as not to cause unwanted symptoms.

    In acute pancreatitis, gastritis and ulcers, apple juice is contraindicated.

    It is rich in glucose and if it is consumed immensely, it can increase the appetite, which can have bad consequences for people who are overweight or obese. In addition, uncontrolled consumption of this product can lead to diabetes and the growth of cardiovascular diseases.

    You must always pay attention to the shelf life of the drink, otherwise the old expired product can lead to unpleasant consequences and even cause food poisoning. If when opening a canned product mold is noticeable, this juice can not be eaten.

    Apple juice is a valued and loved by all product. You can say juice with a capital letter! Its useful and healing properties are widely used in traditional medicine and cosmetology. It is irreplaceable in the culinary art. This juice almost does not cause allergies, so it is used as a first feeding of babies, and also used in diets. Homemade preservation of apple juice is also very popular, it is often used for harvesting for the winter, and they drink high-quality and natural product. The use of this drink is invaluable in Alzheimer's disease and rejuvenation of the body. But in case of acute pancreatitis or gastritis, such juice cannot be consumed. With caution also need to use it for overweight and diabetes. In general, everything is good in moderation. And if you use apple juice in acceptable quantities, it will not bring health hazards. Do you know what will happen if you see apple juice in a dream? He dreams of calling for a positive even in small things. This is what we should strive for, because if you charge with a positive and tune in for the best, then life will become much easier and better.

    Rules and ways to make juice

    The first rule is to use fresh and high-quality fruit. If the apples are stale, imported, purchased in the middle of winter or even later, then the benefits of the drink are out of the question. Juice yield will also be minimal. It is wiser to eat these fruits fresh (the body will receive at least fiber) or used for compotes, jam, marshmallows.

    Juice can be made by hand. To do this, the fruit is crushed, squeezed through cheesecloth, strainer. This method is suitable if you need a small amount of product, for example, for a child or for the preparation of cosmetics. If the plans to make a lot of apple drink, it is more convenient to use a juicer.

    1. Fruits are always thoroughly washed, wiped dry.
    2. To get the maximum benefit from the product, squeeze the juice out of the sandpaper pieces. Peeling apples is not necessary.
    3. Seeds will spoil the taste of the drink, it is desirable to remove them.

    Ready juice should be consumed within 20 minutes after spinning. Only in this case can you get everything valuable from the drink. If it is necessary to keep the product for a certain time, then immediately after pressing it is poured into a glass jar with a tight lid, placed in a refrigerator. In it, the juice will stay up to 24 hours. The less light the drink gets, the more vitamin C it will contain.

    Apple juice for children

    Apple juice is introduced into the diet of a child from 6 months. Use a drink only from green apples. For baby food usually take a bagged product, direct extraction or reconstituted. Many parents make a mistake when choosing. Напиток прямого отжима подвергается тепловой обработке, в нем погибает большая часть витаминов. Восстановленный продукт получают путем разведения концентрата, приготовленного при температуре 60-70 °C. В нем сохраняется больше ценных веществ.

    If the juice for the child will be made independently, then first of all you need to take care of the quality of the fruit.

    Rules for introducing juice into the child's diet:

    1. The clarified juice without pulp is introduced first. It has a milder effect on the walls of the stomach.
    2. The product is diluted in half with boiled water. Gradually the concentration increases.
    3. The first portion should not exceed 1 tsp. Gradually, the number increases. By the year a child can be given 150 ml of drink.

    Attention! Often on packages with baby juice are marked "from 3 months" or "from 4 months." It is undesirable to introduce a product at this age, it is recommended to postpone until six months. Acid can cause serious harm to the child's weak digestive system, irritating the mucous membranes. This often causes serious stomach diseases.

    Apple juice in cosmetology

    The benefits of apple juice - in its tannins and acids, which are useful for problem skin, regulate sebum production, help fight acne. In combination with other ingredients, the product is actively used in moisturizing, anti-aging and nourishing face masks.

    Apple ice for vitality and tone

    Ice is used for morning washing, pores after masks, cleansing procedures. The tool returns the skin tone, gives a fresh and rested appearance, fills the dermis with useful substances. In season, apple ice can be prepared for future use. In the freezer, it can be easily preserved until the next harvest. Fresh juice without pulp pour into molds, freeze. Finished pieces of ice can be put into plastic bags and tied so that the product does not absorb foreign odors.

    Nutritious Apple Mask

    Apple juice - 3 tbsp. l
    Sour cream - 1 tbsp. l
    Honey - 1 tsp.

    Honey dissolve in apple juice, mix with sour cream. Apply the product on cleansed face, neck, décolleté, hold for up to 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water. The product is suitable for normal and dry skin.

    Purifying and tightening apple mask

    Universal mask with cleansing and tightening action. Removes gray complexion, makes skin more elastic and young. Instead of olive oil, you can use apricot oil or grape seed.

    Apple juice - 4 tbsp. l
    Egg protein - 1 pc.
    Olive oil - 1 tsp.

    Protein to place in a clean bowl, whisk until frothy. Gradually add apple juice. At the end, add the olive oil, stir. Means to be applied in layers with an interval of 3 minutes. Only 3-4 times, then soak on the face for 5 minutes, rinse with warm water, apply a moisturizer.