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The symbolic meaning of the color of roses: to whom what to give?


Roses - these magnificent flowers will be a wonderful gift at any celebration, and you can give them to both women and men. The main thing is to be able to choose the right bouquet, and in this case everything matters: the shade of flowers, the shape of the buds, their number. Therefore, before choosing a flower arrangement, you should find out what the color of the rose means.

What does white color mean?

White roses are a symbol of purity, purity, innocence, sublime and eternal love, which is higher than all other earthly feelings. In addition, this color means consent, sincerity and loyalty. Therefore, these flowers often decorate the wedding ceremony, and, as a rule, a bridal bouquet is made from them.

What does the color of the rose, you can guess logically. For example, pink - a gentle, light color, respectively, you can give such a bouquet to young girls. In addition, these flowers are often presented in the hope of starting a relationship, the birth of a large and bright feeling. Pink roses symbolize admiration, sympathy, politeness and gratitude.

What does red color mean?

Perhaps, this shade is the most demanded compared to the others, so surely everyone knows that it means passionate love and passion. In addition, it is customary to give a bouquet of this color as a sign of respect, reverence, and also present it in gratitude for the work done.

What does yellow color mean?

It is customary to give roses of this color as a sign of friendship and respect. This flower expresses joyful emotions, happiness, positive attitude. For some reason, there is a perception that the color of the rose means in this case separation, although this is not so. Yellow flowers can give each other people who have long been married. In this case, they will symbolize respect, recognition and happiness in family life. But sometimes roses of this color can mean infidelity. Few people know that a yellow bouquet can be presented as a sign of reconciliation. For example, if you have quarreled with your other half, then a bouquet of fresh and fragrant yellow roses will mean that you are ready to forgive and forget everything.

Purple and lilac roses

These flowers symbolize love at first sight, they are given in the hope of something more than sympathy. If a young man wants to show the girl his admiration and seriousness of his intentions, then a bouquet of this color would be an excellent choice. Purple roses symbolize perfection and wealth.

Blue (blue) roses

A bouquet of this color symbolizes mystery, mystery and originality. Give them to unusual, talented people with whom it is interesting to communicate and spend time. But you need to be careful, as this color has many shades. For example, a lilac shade can express admiration and charm.

Such flowers are a symbol of emptiness, sadness, grief, death. But, presenting a bouquet to a partner, you can emphasize its inner strength. Also, these flowers can mean new beginnings, business or a trip somewhere.

Despite such an unusual color, such bouquets of roses quickly gained popularity. The green shade expresses stability, generosity and prosperity, therefore, it is accepted to give them to successful and successful people.

How to choose a bouquet

Of course, before giving such flowers, it is better to find out what the color of the rose means. The language of flowers is so diverse that the choice of a bouquet depends not only on its color, but also on the age of the person to whom they will be presented. For example, very young girls under the age of 14 decided to give white roses. Beauties under 18 are usually given pink flowers. The beautiful half of 18 to 25 years will suit red roses. Women from 25 to 35 years old can be presented with a bouquet of scarlet color, and maroon roses are suitable for people over 35 and older people. Observing these simple rules, you can not only choose the perfect gift, but also express your feelings and attitude towards a person.

The symbolic meaning of the color of roses: to whom what to give?

For a long time, people endowed the surrounding nature with human properties. This is due to the cultural characteristics, religion and customs of the peoples of a particular locality. It should be said that not a single flower had so much meaning as a rose. Perhaps this is due to her natural charm.
The ancient Greeks saw in this flower a symbol of infinity, because its bud has a round shape. But in some other cultures, the rose meant exactly the opposite - the transience of youth and life, because its beauty is fragile and short-lived. The Romans endowed the rose with the qualities of a winner. They also used it as a symbol of silence. They were hung from the ceiling in rooms where it was not necessary to talk too much as a sign of caution.
Great importance on the symbolism of roses had Christianity. According to legend, the rose once grew in paradise and it did not have thorns. They appeared after the expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise in reminder of their mortal sin. So the rose became a symbol of vice and temptation. From the 19th century in Europe, it was perceived as a sign of love and emotional affection.
Now the symbolism of the rose is ambiguous. It depends on the color of the buds and the type of flower. Over time, a certain floral etiquette was formed related to how and when to give these or other flowers.

White Rose

They are considered a symbol of innocence, purity, chastity and loyalty. Now it is the flowers of brides and young ladies. They are presented at romantic meetings and weddings. White roses can be part of the composition with other flowers. If they are combined with pink and scarlet roses, such a bouquet hints at romantic feelings. If white roses are in company with yellow, blue or burgundy, then such a bouquet can be used as a business gift or presented to an older woman - mother, aunt, colleague, boss. Motley or monochrome white compositions are presented only to women, not men.

Red roses

It is a symbol of passion, desire and true love. In addition, red roses at all times gave as a sign of respect and admiration for the object to which these flowers are intended. Mono bouquets of them are also presented in memory of the dead soldiers, the people who committed the heroic deed, that is, those who earned the honor and respect during their lifetime. It is customary to give mixed bouquets of white and red roses to their wives, they signify the kinship of souls and unity of views.

Such bouquets can often be seen at monuments, one of their meanings is “eternal memory”

Pink roses

They bear the imprint of romance, tenderness. Often symbolize the beginning of a relationship. The pink color of the rosebuds expresses sympathy and admiration. It has a rich range of colors. Lighter tones are considered suitable for young women, bright - for older women. Crimson roses symbolize politeness, courtesy, courtesy. They are a symbol of elegance and sophistication. You can give them to the teacher. Expressing her gratitude this way.

This flower is a great gift for Valentine's Day

Burgundy roses

In a mono bouquet can mean violent passion. Considered very popular for expressing feelings on Valentine's Day. Maroon shades, like pink, differ in variety. So, the color close to violet means magnetism, to cherry - love, maroon roses mean respect and can be given to women in old age. This color means unfading beauty. Maroon roses can be brought to the cemetery on the parent's day, because one of their meanings is also condolence.

Yellow roses

Suitable for active people on the energy level. Symbolize friendship, happiness, joy, respect. They are not taken to give their loved ones, as there is a belief that they portend separation. But this is a great gift to friends, colleagues, employees. Often used in business bouquets. They are presented with the wish to increase wealth and popularity. Mono bouquets of yellow roses are rare, but these are the most positive compositions of all. They concentrate enough solar energy in themselves to liven up even the darkest room, to cheer and cheer up.

Yellow roses are often decorated with awards ceremonies, because one of their values ​​is honor and popularity.

Tea roses

They are a traditional symbol of separation and mean: "I will never forget you." You can give a farewell: some people celebrate seeing off, graduation from college, university, or gathering friends before leaving for long trips. A good gift for the class teacher or group curator on the last call. In perfumery, the fragrance of tea rose has always been considered a symbol of beauty, femininity and romance. So a bouquet of such roses can be presented as a gift to a lady who is a fan of their fragrance.

Orange roses

Suitable egocentric natures, because they are just as bright and attractive to others. Also, they will appeal to people with an active lifestyle, enthusiasts or people who are in love with their profession. The orange color of roses is capable of conveying pride in achievement and success. These roses often fall into business bouquets. Also suitable for anniversaries, or honoring someone's achievements.

Peach Roses

Unlike orange and yellow roses, the buds of a more delicate peach color - symbolize modesty and meekness. They express a warm attitude. They are best brought in gratitude - for the birth of a child, for kindness, help, support. They decorate the table well, as their color can improve appetite and mood.

Peach roses table design is a good option for a special dinner

Roses of blue (blue) tones

This color is not natural for a rose. He is the merit of scientists of the past century. But they wrote about blue roses long before they appeared as something non-existent and inaccessible. Since then, as breeders brought this symbolic flower to life, its purpose has changed the exact opposite. Now these roses mean success in achieving the goal, loyalty to ideals, dedication. They are great for men's or corporate bouquets. Another meaning of these roses is the hope of reciprocal love. They can be given with a romantic hint.

Black roses

This is a very rare and expensive kind of flowers. Their shade is not quite black, if you look closely, and dark burgundy. Such roses are grown in only one place on earth - in one of the provinces of Turkey. Only there the composition of the soil allows you to grow these amazing elegant flowers. Of course, such dark roses can be used at mourning ceremonies. But they are also suitable as an extravagant gift for a woman. After all, their meaning is passionate all-consuming love.

When choosing roses, pay attention not only to their color, but also to the variety. So, as a romantic gift more suitable roses on long stems with large buds. For corporate events, for relatives and friends you can buy bouquets of small spray roses. Men decided to give monochrome bouquets. Composition of delicate shades - young ladies. Women aged suitable saturated solid colors. When choosing a bouquet is best to focus on the tastes of the recipient. Especially if it is a personal gift, and not from the team.

What does the color of roses mean?

The color of this universal flower has its own associations, meanings and symbols.

White roses mean brightness and purity. They are presented to talk about their passion. Emphasize that feelings are sincere. Traditionally, roses of this color are presented to newlyweds. This makes a compliment to the youth and purity of the bride, emphasizes the solemnity of the event.

A lonely white rose, presented by a young man, will tell a girl about high feelings.

Lush bouquet can emphasize the strong feelings and confidence of a man to a serious relationship. The same bouquet can be presented to a long-time girlfriend or female boss as a sign of sincere respect and admiration.

Red border on white petals - A signal to the beginning of peace talks after a quarrel with his beloved woman.

Light shades symbolize friendship. Tea roses talk about the memory of past relationships.

Red bouquet expresses passion and absolute love. Flowers suggest a romantic relationship, lush desire. They are considered a symbol of respect, admiration, courage.

Rose buds - elegance, sophistication, refinement. They talk about the beginning of affection and awakening feelings. Different shades of colors are significant. Appreciation and sincere gratitude means a pink color with a dark shade at the edges. Pink bouquet emphasizes pleasant memories, joy, tender emotions.

Orange is fiery feelings., enthusiasm, good wishes, dedication. Orange bouquet symbolizes the highest degree of pride. Orange bouquet can be given to any person.

Blue (blue) roses - a symbol of achieving the impossible, mystery. They are given to people mysterious, inaccessible. The lilac hue of the petals expresses charm, admiration and the beginning of first love.

How to give flowers?

At the rate of flower etiquette, a bouquet should be:

  • transfer with your left hand. In the right hold the main gift, if there is a solemn event,
  • so that the person accepting the bouquet does not inject, it is necessary to break off the thorns by 2/3 of the stem,
  • It is desirable to remove the packaging, the plant does not need any supplements. An exception can be made only in frosty or windy weather to protect the plant,
  • You can slightly embrace a girl by handing one flower.

What does the number of buds in a bouquet mean?

The number in the bouquet of buds - a very important point. This is the language of flowers. You can report your intentions and feelings without words. The number of flowers in the bouquet attach great importance to the girls. Therefore, the composition, calculated incorrectly, can be misleading.

It is necessary to give only an odd number of flowers. An even number of flowers are required to bring to the funeral.

On the first date usually give a bouquet of 5 buds. This bouquet is considered neutral. Suitable for unfamiliar friends or girlfriends.

Three flowers presented only to your loved one. Wives in a happy and long marriage usually give a bouquet of 11 red flowers. Without words, you can confess feelings to your loved one. Having presented 25 red roses.

29 buds symbolize eternal love. And if you really want to emphasize the adoration of your lady and admiration for her, then you should buy a basket with 101 roses.

On anniversaries and birthdays, bouquets are presented, the number of roses in which corresponds to the age of the hero of the occasion.

On March 8, it is customary to give women small bouquets.

Is it possible to give one rose?

Can. In the language of flowers, a single rose means indecisive, shy and timid love. It is appropriate to give one flower on the first date. This will be a sign of charm of the girl and interest.

What color flowers to give to girls and women?

Young girls are usually given flowers of light, pastel shades with half-open buds. Aged women are presented with blooming rose buds of bright color. The older the woman, the darker the color of the roses should be.

There will be no error if when choosing a bouquet Orient on ladies hair color:

  1. Brunettes love flowers of large size and bright shades.
  2. Blondes prefer to receive white roses or light cream shades. But the buds should not be too large.
  3. Dark-haired ladies are suited to face dark buds of blue and purple hues.

What kind of flowers to give to the wedding?

At the wedding is traditionally given flowers. When choosing a bouquet, certain nuances should be taken into account.

Dark shades are not the best choice. This applies to yellow color bouquets. In the people, yellow is the color of betrayal. But if the newlyweds are fans of Feng Shui, the bouquet should be only yellow, because according to the teachings this color is a symbol of wealth and wealth in the family.

Perfect for a wedding all flowers of light shade. These shades symbolize both tenderness and purity of relationships.

For the wedding bring bouquets of white without additional decorative elements.

The size of the bouquet also matters. It should not be bulky. Enough 5-7 rose buds with long stems. A composition of light colors with additional elements of wedding symbols will suit as well.

What do the colors of roses mean

The first thing a person sees when looking at a bouquet is a color spot, and only then the person who gives it can consider the number and kind of buds. Therefore, the shades of the selected flowers form the basis of the impression. In order not to be mistaken with what color to give the roses, you need to have an artistic taste, and be aware of the preferences of the bestowed person. But in order for the gift to be appropriate, to convey the necessary feelings without words, it is necessary to know the language of flowers.

Roses are presented as a sign of attention for any reason. Dark and bright buds are chosen for special occasions, and pastel shades use expressions of tender feelings. Розы (красные, бордовые, черные) можно и нужно дарить мужчинам в знак уважения и восхищения доблестью. Для женщин подходят розовые бутоны, а оттенок выбирают в зависимости от передаваемой эмоции.

Персиковые розы

Персиковый цвет роз означает скромность, гармонию, теплоту. Такие нейтральные букеты дарят в разных ситуациях:

  1. When they want to appreciate and appreciation for the service or good attitude.
  2. Presented in a formal setting as a sign of the successful completion of an important business.
  3. Giving a girl when they want to emphasize her modesty.
  4. Give to friends for the joy of communication.

The naturalness of peach buds allows them to decorate a refectory table. Peach flowers - an excellent decor for a festive feast.

These are the most cheerful, positive, but at the same time contradictory flowers. People are wary of yellow as a symbol of betrayal, betrayal, infidelity. This value has a bouquet consisting of a single yellow rose. And surrounded by other flowers, the queen of the garden of a “sunny” shade simply serves as an accent spot.

No need to perceive the yellow buds as heralds of separation, separation. In the language of flowers there are more positive interpretations:

  • openness, freedom from complexes, optimism of the giver,
  • dedication and energy
  • happiness, joy and vitality,
  • care, desire to protect,
  • strong friendship, sincere affection,
  • fertility in the works,
  • delight, admiration and admiration for the achievements of the bestowed.

But these flowers are used not only in official ceremonies. In relations between spouses, a lush bouquet of yellow roses symbolizes:

  • peace and harmony during long cohabitation
  • pleasure from measured family life,
  • mature love
  • the call for reconciliation after a quarrel, literally the sentence “leave all the bad things behind and start a new page”,
  • Buds, painted in the colors of the sun and gold - a great gift to the heroes and winners.

The most famous and popular representative of burgundy roses - the Black Prince variety, is notable for its particular elegance and cunning.

Burgundy color roses:

  • condolence, sympathy in grief, bitterness of loss (burgundy black hue of buds),
  • love at first sight without serious intentions
  • all-consuming, wild passion
  • unfading beauty, and too open flowers, on the contrary, symbolize wilting and passing passion.

Burgundy flowers are not accepted to give young girls. But for mature ladies such a gift is appropriate.

Scarlet and red flowers are traditionally used to explain in love. And the queen of flowers expresses not so much love passion, as sincere sublime feelings of warmth, affection.

Other meanings of red roses:

  • Congratulations on your success.
  • They are usually given as a sign of admiration for courage.
  • Respect for the achievements.

A composition of white and red roses symbolizes:

  • unity of two people
  • fusion of spiritual interests and physical attraction,
  • common goals.

Such bouquets have long been traditionally wedding.

Different shades of pink, unlike their red "sisters", do not express an all-embracing passion. With their help, you can designate tender affection, report on nascent relationships, serious intentions, or make a gift without love overtones.

Different shades of rose color have different meanings:

  • Courtesy, courtesy (white and pink).
  • Admiration for nobility (thick pink with a cherry tinge).
  • Sympathy, tenderness and nascent love (light pink).
  • Pride. A lush bouquet of rich, bright-colored roses is presented to the winners.
  • Gratitude (crimson or bright pink).

Elegant exquisite flowers are used for complex controversial messages. Depending on the type of flowers, the destination changes:

  • Unbroken buds of light shades are intended for brides.
  • Rich pink - mature ladies. Opened buds express admiration for the beauty of a woman in the dawn of power.
  • Crimson and cherry with long stems are appropriate as a gift to a man.

Such an unusual color was obtained by petals during attempts of breeders to bring blue varieties. The buds of purple shades symbolize the charm, and lilac flowers - a symbol of first love.

The cheerful shade of flowers is designed to express the same sincere and fervent feelings, positive mood and best wishes.

The value of orange roses:

  • Enthusiasm, energy, activity, dedication.
  • Fresh passionate feelings, emotions, absorbing entirely.
  • Pride chosen.

Present such bouquets if you are bewitched and “absorbed” by someone.

Blue and blue

There are no such mysterious flowers in nature. Florists paint white roses with a special dye of various shades of blue. This is done purposefully for those who want to express special feelings. Blue is a mysterious color.

Unusual roses give with a hint of desire to lift the veil of mystery and inaccessibility to ladies or extraordinary individuals in order to emphasize their exclusivity. Together with such a bouquet, the person presented gets the opportunity to fulfill his wish. And it is also believed that blue blood flows in the veins of people of noble birth, reigning persons.

Blue buds express luxury.

Japanese breeders managed to get a variety of roses with blue petals. Florists of the Land of the Rising Sun are sure that their creation is intended to express the desire to throw the whole world at their feet.

Bouquets of blue roses are intended:

  • Loved in admiration,
  • Respectable people to show respect,
  • To close people for reporting their importance,
  • To brides to maintain a blue-blue wedding style,
  • Wives to strengthen relationships, smoothing guilt after a quarrel.

A spectacular bouquet emphasizing the mysteriousness - one opened blue rose surrounded by two dense buds of a similar shade or white, cream tones.

Pink buds get exotic color after dyeing. Roses with frankly green petals are absent in nature. But white, green, pink, yellow, lemon flowers with green shimmer fall into the discharge of green. The play of light makes them green, they look amazing in a bouquet.

The green rose is not intended to express hot feelings, it symbolizes:

  • Abundance, generosity. These flowers give a cheerful, successful people with high self-esteem.
  • Fertility. These flowers are ideal for decoration of weddings and parties with an emphasis on spring mood.
  • Cheerfulness and youth of the soul.
  • Health and tranquility.
  • A sense of balance and stability.

As a gift to your loved one, green flowers express jealousy. But in general, such a gift is a suitable option when you want to surprise someone.

The color of the buds of the Black Baccarat variety, more than any other variety of roses, corresponds to black color. This hybrid - the pride of French collectors, pressed the "Black Prince". The peculiarity of the variety is its dependence on the weather: when it is cold - the pronounced black color of the buds, in the hot summer season - maroon petals. In other cases, black is considered to be very rich dark red buds. To achieve the maximum effect, florists add special ink to the water with red roses, and in 12 hours the flowers of exciting coloring are ready.

Following logic, black roses are used at funerals to signify mourning, expressions of grief, crying for loss. But there are other meanings of unusual flowers:

  1. Unattainable ideal.
  2. Revival Completion of something and the beginning of a new (for example, period, activity, relationships, and the like).
  3. Power, power.
  4. Resistance, overcoming, strength of mind and will. The black rose is a symbol of Ireland, which fought for its sovereignty against England.
  5. Admiration for valor and courage. Give fighters.
  6. Revenge. Such a sign serves the enemy.
  7. Loyalty and devotion in love, as rare as a representative of the flora of unusual color.

It is not necessary to present roses of exotic colors to people with whom you have disagreements about deciphering the symbolism of a bouquet.

Where does the symbolism of roses come from?

This flower is majestic and mysterious, the artists saw in its blossoming bud a sign of infinity or development in a spiral, the poets glorified the combination of delicate petals and sharp thorns. The symbolism of this plant is rooted deep in history. In ancient Rome, the flower was considered a symbol of high morality, courage and dedication. Already much later, in the Victorian era, the flower was spoken of as a symbol of love, passion, and anxious friendship. With the development of selective floriculture, new varieties and colors have appeared, and, accordingly, the possibilities for expressing emotions with their help have significantly expanded.

Did you know?In the works of William Shakespeare the name of this flower appears about 50 times.

Lilac roses

Such an unusual color of petals has a similar meaning to the previous one - it is a sign of charm, first love. Having presented such a bouquet to his beloved, the man shows how fascinated he is to her.

Violet roses are the result of selection, in nature such a color does not occur in roses.

Green roses

This novelty in the world of flora, unlike its other brethren, is not intended to express fervent feelings. Rather, it is suitable for business people who are successful in their endeavors as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and stability.

Roses with green petals are not - there are combinations of yellow, white, lemon, light green, pink and turquoise.

Black roses

A gloomy, though elegant flower, is often perceived as a sign of sadness or grief, but this is not quite so. This is a sign of the beginning of a new, overcoming obstacles, willpower and spirit.

Did you know?The world's first blue roses appeared in Japan at the Flower Show. Scientists have spent more than two decades on genetic experiments to achieve a natural blue-blue color.

Black Prince

This legendary hybrid tea variety, bred in the 19th century, until recently was considered the darkest colored flower. Its petals are similar to velvet burgundy-black with shimmer. Buds are large, about 9 cm in diameter with an intense aroma. This variety is resistant and will stand in a vase for a long time.

Create a rose garden with your own hands: learn how to grow roses from a bouquet from cuttings, seedlings from a box.

Roses Grand Prix varieties, perhaps, the most traditional representatives of the classics. Their dark red color is underlined elegant, the buds are very large, about 12 cm in diameter, with velvety petals. Possess a delicate floral scent. Such a variety will stand in a vase for up to 2 weeks.

Astrid Decanter

This is a flower of special, unusual beauty. Bud bright maroon color, densely-terry, medium-sized, with persistent powerful aroma.

We advise you to read about the cultivation of roses: groundcover, climbing, standard, tea, Dutch, Canadian, English.

Black baccarat

The experiment of French breeders, rose hybrid, as close as possible to black color. He gradually replaces even the "Black Prince". Unopened buds have a pronounced black color. A peculiarity of the variety is its reaction to the weather: in the cold season, the flowers are almost black, and in summer the petals become dark maroon.

Learn more about the Black Baccara rose.

Number of roses

The language of flowers originated in the East, it was the eastern women who first began to convey the meaning of words and feelings through the design of bouquets and flower arrangements. Not only the appearance of the flowers, but also the number of them in the bouquet carry an important message, so in order not to be mistaken, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of this art.

    1 rose is not at all a symbol of the greed of the donator; probably, therefore, he wants to emphasize that you are the only person who deserves to occupy a place in his heart,

3 flowers are the easiest and harmless way of showing attention and friendly sympathy; there is no hidden message in such a bouquet,

5 act as a wish for happiness and good luck,

7 is usually considered a symbol of a riddle, the secret of love,

9 it is accepted to give as a sign of reconciliation,

15 are given, as a rule, in solemn occasions, which means recognition and deep respect,

a bouquet of 21 flowers has a mystical background, often behind this gift high and pure feelings of the donor are hidden,

It is permissible to give 29 flowers only to your beloved, it will tell her about your serious intentions, because it symbolizes eternal love,

33, according to the number of the years of Christ, signifies the forgiveness and the serious attitude of the donor,

101 flowers are given on a special occasion when you need to talk about your feelings without words, for example, engagement or offering a hand and heart.

Important!In our traditions, giving an even number of flowers is unacceptable, and even considered bad luck, but in other countries, particularly in the United States, and most European countries, it is customary to give bouquets with paired flowers.