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Cinnamon with honey for weight loss - properties, benefits and harm, how and how much to drink, how to cook (recipes, in t


Cinnamon with honey is a complementary duet that helps solve several problems. Honey is considered a curative and fights many diseases. Cinnamon speeds up sugar metabolism and relieves heart, stomach and intestinal diseases. Together they struggle with various ailments, without diets and exhausting exercise, give people health and harmony. But cinnamon has both beneficial properties and contraindications.

Cinnamon with honey: good and harm

Spice is popular among aromatic additives and seasonings, it is used for the preparation of liqueurs, desserts, chocolate, confectionery. Add to the soft and hot drinks, spicy meat dishes, apple desserts and cereals. And also used in home canning. It has healing properties:

  1. Stimulates brain activity, concentrates attention, improves visual memory.
  2. It has antibacterial properties. If cinnamon is added to food, it will inhibit the growth and development of bacteria. It preserves the product and disinfects the food eaten, which is infected with E. coli.
  3. Able to cleanse the intestines of parasites, remove toxins and toxins.
  4. It is recommended to use for colon cancer - it is an antitumor agent.
  5. From pressure it is useful to use with kefir.
  6. Has antitussive and expectorant effect.

She has few contraindications. Cinnamon can be harmful to the body if you are hypersensitive or increase excessively. When used in large quantities, it becomes toxic to the liver.. You can not use:

  • during pregnancy, it can cause a contraction of the uterus and provoke a miscarriage,
  • when there are any bleeding,
  • large doses can cause irritation of the stomach, should limit the use of the product with gastritis and ulcers.

The dose of taking should be half a teaspoon per day.

What is useful cinnamon with honey

The combination of the two most valuable products gives many positive results:

  1. The composition of these products include all the vitamins, minerals, essential oils and many other useful substances. Due to this, they saturate the body and improve its condition, have a tonic effect.
  2. They are characterized by diaphoretic, anti-edematous actions, this improves the metabolism, their use contributes to weight loss.
  3. They prevent anemia, increase hemoglobin, improve blood composition.
  4. It is recommended to take when coughing, colds, from dizziness and headaches, for visual acuity and strengthening of bones.

This effect gives each of these products, but together it turns out to be doubled.

Cinnamon with honey: beneficial properties and contraindications

Cinnamon preserves health and beauty, it consists of:

  • vitamins C, PP and group B,
  • carotenes,
  • essential and fatty oils,
  • trace elements
  • tar,
  • tannins.

All these components are necessary for the vital functions of the body. There are about three hundred useful substances in the composition of honey.. When these two products are combined, all their useful qualities are enhanced.

Contraindications of cinnamon with honey

Can not be taken in some cases:

  1. Individual intolerance or allergies.
  2. Pregnant women - honey is an allergen, cinnamon can cause a reduction in the walls of the uterus.
  3. Bronchial asthma.
  4. It is forbidden to take when bleeding, cinnamon thins blood.
  5. Hypertension - honey and cinnamon increase the pressure.
  6. Older people.
  7. Increased nervous excitability - cinnamon excites and emotional overstrain may occur.

Tea with cinnamon: the benefits and harm

The aroma of cinnamon gives the drink an elegant flavor, it becomes pleasant, tasty and healthy. Spice has properties lower cholesterol and prevent blood clots. It also normalizes sugar, improves the functioning of the hematopoietic system, and has a positive effect on brain activity. It warms all the internal organs, removes toxins and slags from the body, breaks down fats into amino acids, causing weight loss.

To get a positive effect, you need to take it regularly for several months, adding 1/4 tsp into a hot drink. You can lose weight even by inhaling its aroma, the essential oil, which is part of it, blocks the feeling of hunger.

Useful properties of cinnamon tea:

  • protects the human body from viral diseases,
  • is a good antipohmelinom
  • normalizes blood sugar levels
  • uplifting
  • used in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • reduces weight
  • strengthens hair, as well as the heart and blood vessels,
  • improves brain function.

Contraindicated to apply people with hypotension, and during cold or infectious diseaseswhen holding a high body temperature.

Cinnamon with honey for weight loss

Effective remedy for weight loss. Preparing a drink in the evening: one teaspoon of spice needs to be poured over with 100 grams of boiling water and for better steaming the container should be covered with a saucer. After 1/2 hour add two teaspoons of honey. To honey did not lose the healing qualities, you can not add it to the boiling water. Prepared drink must be placed in the refrigerator. The mixture is used twice a day - in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening 30 minutes before bedtime. In the morning you will notice that sediment will remain at the bottom of the glass, you do not need to drink it. The course of purification can take up to two months.

Cinnamon tea has a large number of recipes and is used for different purposes.

  1. Slimming. For half a liter of water, take one tablespoon of green leaf tea and one teaspoon of spice powder. It is added sweetener, and better honey. You can drink this tea cold and hot. For variety, you can add ginger or lemon.
  2. With ginger. The composition of the ginger root includes: vitamin A, C, and many essential oils. On the human body, it acts as a general tonic, helps to fight against various infections and viruses. This tea promotes rapid weight loss - it is an antioxidant that has an effect on water-salt metabolism. It breaks down fats into amino acids and eliminates the entire body from them. Beneficial effect on the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract. For a change in the tea with cinnamon and ginger, you can add a variety of herbs.

The benefits of cinnamon for women

Spice contains tannins and antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties. It is used in gynecology and cosmetology. This spice is added to cosmetic preparations to nourish and cleanse the skin. After applying these products, the skin becomes supple and smooth. And also it is used to accelerate hair growth.

When it is used, the metabolic processes are accelerated and the woman is easier to lose those extra pounds. And to make the effect stronger, honey is added to the drink.

The aroma of cinnamon can relieve anxiety and affect mental activity. Spice helps to overcome women's problems:

  • normalizes the menstrual cycle
  • increases body tone during menstruation,
  • relieves menstrual cramps
  • increases sexual desire
  • reduces manifestations of PMS, relieves irritability.

Cinnamon benefits the body, but can be harmful. She has her own contraindications:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • peptic ulcer
  • liver and kidney disease
  • increased acidity of the stomach,
  • heart disease,
  • high blood pressure.

You need to take cinnamon in moderate quantities, when applied externally, caution is needed, it causes allergic reactions.

You can not use in large doses of honey with cinnamon, you may experience headaches and fatigue. If you apply them regularly and in normal quantities, the body will be a huge benefit to beauty and health. Do not forget only about contraindications and recommendations.

With arthritis, even the man who has already passed with his illness in the stage of chronic illness, this magic mixture in just a month for most relieves pain. It is enough to eat one tablespoon of honey twice a day, sprinkled with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

In the same proportion should take this medicine to eliminate indigestion, the treatment of gastritis and ulcers, in order to reduce bloating. On an empty stomach, this drink can reduce the acidity of the stomach.

Honey, which has bactericidal properties, fights not only against colds, but also with inflammation of the bladder. The mixture must be dissolved in warm water and taken several times a day until relief comes.

Cinnamon actively stimulates all processes in the body, and in combination with honey and its vitamin complex, its beneficial effects quickly produce improvements throughout the body. This greatly increases the tone, immunity due to which there is an improvement in the health of the whole organism.