General information

Shrub lizard: landingand care in the garden


Puzyreplodnik (Physocarpus) is a deciduous kustarnik He belongs to the familyPink Spread - NorthNaya America and East Asia. In the genusthere are 14 species. In the wild whenkind of Russia grows only2 species.

This is an unpretentious plant.possesses spectacular decorativequalities that it has not lostduring the whole period of timegetation Growth rates differby speed. It is often usedin landscape design.

Spreadingbranches of a bladderhole formis a spherical crown. Height notexceeds 3 meters. Leaves his visaThey resemble viburnum leaves.Simple small white flowersform inflorescences that are differentabundant and numerousinflorescence. Inflorescence diameter canreach 7 cm

In culture usingThere are only two kinds of culture. Wedseveral varieties stand out from themnew varieties. They are very nattractive for florists andlandscape designers thanksits decorative properties andunpretentiousness.

Types and varieties

Weddi bruise claw species widespread in Russian culturereceived two types:

Amur puzClapberry (Physocarpus Amurensis) Is a shrubwhose homeland is EastNaya Asia. Differs sphericalcrown. Its height does not exceed 3 meter. Smooth shoots have measlesRed with a reddish tint color.In old bushes bark exfoliates.longitudinal stripes. Leavesare three-lobed or fivepasted Leaf length can up toclings 10 cm. Their upper side -dark green and the bottom covered with feltfull-grown hairs grayish color.

Up to 15 small white flowers forminflorescences. Flowering lasts up to threeweeks. This species is resistantwillow to frost. Was cultivatedin the second half of the 19th century. Is usingIt is suitable for group and solocage as well as common forcreate hedges.

Kalinleafy (Physocarpus opulifolius) - very popularin Russian gardens shrub. itunpretentious and very decorativeplant. Differs special pyshnawno thanks to the sprawling branchholes forming the crown in the shape of a ball.Corrugated leaves are differentlarge size. Bush height- about 3 meters. Small flowers havereddish or pink stamens.They form an inflorescence. Leavescan also be three-lobedor five-lobed.

This kind of poofrom the reed very widely usedCultivated in floriculture and landscapedesign. Perfect for withcreation of hedges. Its radistribution in the culture of RussiaReceived in the second half of the 19th century.

Calibula Bubble Gradesika

Golden Nugget- popularnd in floriculture variety. Very decortiven due to its bright foliagegolden color. Its height is usuallydoes not exceed 2.5 meters. Krone - wideoh and spherical. Flowers are whiteor pinkish color. Start colorEtenie usually falls on June.This varietal variety is differentit is undemanding to soilam, drought tolerance and frostcapacity. The plant does not take outExcessive moisture and stagnant water. GoldenNugget is great in a variety offlower arrangements, landscapingand the creation of hedges.

RedBaron (Red Baron) different spectaculardecorative properties. Varietyvery popular due to the darkred colored leaves. Height- about 2 meters. It has a sphericalcrown. In the shade the leaves are not so redboth in the sun and in the autumntime become bronze.Growth is fast. The variety is resistant to soil,drought-resistant and winter-hardy.He loves the sun. Applied in brightflower arrangements as well ascreating hedges. Oftenused in landscaping the cityand gardens.

Diablo (Diablo) - another redthe first grade of the bladderyou can see the title photo). Colourleaves more saturated than in RedBaron Height can reach 3 metersditch Thick and dense crown hashemispherical shape. Pinkishflowers are collected in corymbosebranch. Flowering begins with grayunited june. Foliage has redwith a purple tint color. If ashrub grows in shade then color whetherSTVs are not so red and saturated.The variety is different decorativeand unpretentiousness. Diablo is perfectin landscaping cities and gardens as wellgreat at creating livehedges that differ yarbone and density.

Lady In Red - effective decorative variety,which was bred to uk. Red-brown shoots pastutus up. Foliage color - bright edgesleepy. Small pinkish flowers withbran in lush dense inflorescences, catOrye begin to bloom in June. Custardnickname grows to 1.5 meters. This gradenot afraid of winds and drought. Also mustachefrost resistant. Lady Ying Red Liubit sun In the shadow of his foliage is not sored and rich.

Summer Vine(Simmer Wine) - two-meter compact kustarnik Rich red leavesmay turn green in the summerSpecifically, if the bush grows in the shade. Belopink small flowers collected incorymbose inflorescences. Summer Vinebegins to bloom from late spring. Varietyis decorative due to itsred-wine foliage and pink withotsvetyy. This unpretentious and St.An ambitious variety is often usedmanages to create hedgesand compositions of conifers and foliageshrubs and trees as wellflower beds of perennial flowers.

Luteus ideal for landscapingparks and gardens. Goldthe true foliage of this shrub is notmay go unnoticed. Solsome sort of very unpretentious andnot demanding on the soil. Shrub canused in a variety oflandscape compositions in embellishmentbuildings and streets. Crown shape -hemispherical. Height does not exceed3 meters. Shrub has manyand white flowers thatform a shield.

Darts gold(Dart`s Gold) is advancedLuteus variety form. Goldenthe bush has numerous whiteflowers collected in corymboseinflorescences. Flowering begins atmid june and lasts forthree weeks. This yellow variety is anyit sun but it grows in shadedplots however losingcolor saturation. Resistant varietyto drought and slight frost,but does not tolerate stagnant moisture.

Aurea(Aurea) - beautiful shrub heightwhich can reach 2.5 meters.Bright yellow foliage is gorgeousagainst white inflorescences and redAty fruits. The beginning of flowering atat the end of June. Drought varietystable, winter hardy and does not requiregreen to the soil. Can grow in the shadebut prefers sunlight.Used in landscaping gardens,creating a variety of compositionsd and hedges.

Little Devil (Little devil) - another red leaf bubblethe fruit The red devil is differentsmall stature (about 1 meter). Pobegi grow upwards, forming a hemisphereovoid crown. Pour have redcolor with a purple tint. In the shadowfoliage takes on a green color,it is desirable to plant itin sunny places. Numerousflowers have a pale pink colorand form inflorescences thatbloom in mid-June. This is nothot and sun loving variety oftenused in decorating gardens andcity ​​alleys and buildings. Also spUsed to create borders.

Andre - this is a variety of blueberrybladder with wide sphericalcrown. It grows up to 2.5 meters. Foliagehas a purple-red color. In autumnher time gains bronzeenok. In early June, bloomspherical inflorescences of smallwhite or pinkish flowers. Varietyresistant to drought, winds and conditionscities. Andre prefers wetsoil and sun. Andre is beautiful inlandscaping gardens and parks, alsoused in creating multi-windowstrust compositions.


Plant propagated cuttingslayering and dividing bushes. Forbreeding cuttings needuse green shoots, catOrye have grown this year. Trimthey are required in the spring until the moment whenlet culture begin to bloom. Lengthescape should not exceed 20 cm.Leaves are removed from the shoot. Aboveleaves are left but a bit ukoshakes.

Cuttings beforedim soak in the solution, whichstimulates the formation of roots.Suitable "Kornevin." For landinguse either river sand ora mixture of sand and peat. After landingcuttings desirable to cover polytylenovoy film. Also for ukrExperience fit bottles with cut offby the necks. Before wintercuttings required periodicallyair and moisturize.

Alsoplant multiplies layering. it relatively uncomplicated and effectiveeffective method. As a tapka applied strong and healthythe escape. All but the top leavesare deleted. Escape fit intoa hole about 15 cm deep and pinnedto the ground. Make it necessaryDimo in early spring to during the wintercuttings can take root in the soil.

In dry time, great valuehas a moistening of the soil. In the endAutumn young bushes are requiredto be separated from the mother bushand cover for the winter.

Plantseed plant undesirablemuch better to buy youngseedlings with a closed root systemy. This is due to the fact thathell seeds, original colorska foliage is transmitted far fromall offspring.

Bushes canplant in summer, autumn or spring. Fossafor planting seedlings should beabout half a meter deep and so muchsame diameter. At the bottom of the pit is desirableput a little bit of humus orpeat substrate. Sapling notworth more than 5 cm.Abundantly required after landingto water. It is also desirablebe a solution of "Kornevina."

Place for landing should be withLnechnye because in partial shade or inshade leaf color becomesless saturated and bright. In the groundshould not be present limeand there must be good drainage.

The bubble player is different.cruelty however some are rightafter allis coming. Irrigation mode depends on ageAsta plants, temperature repress and climate. If summer is very Ms.lightly, then watering is necessary from the endspring and before autumnperiod Watering need to implementat least once a week. For adultsdonkey wood requires about 40 liwater If the soil is heavybig loamydanger of overflowing plants.

Besleepy and fall culture needsin feedings. In the spring time in kanitrogen is used as a top dressingcontaining fertilizers, and in the autumn -mineral. Spring can be usedcall fertilizer that consistsof:

  1. 10 liters of water
  2. 0.5 liters of cowsyak
  3. 1 tbsp. ammonium nitrate,
  4. 1 tbsp.urea.

As an autumnkindness bred nitroamofosku(in the size of a matchbox) on10 liters of water. For one adult growabout 15 liters is neededtop dressing.

Transplant and pruning

Trimming culture is necessary. there istwo types of trimming: sanitary and phoformating. First implementationin the spring when frozen and scrapold branches. And so that the shrub grows soas necessary, necessaryroll forming pruning. She isnecessary both in spring and autumn.Trimming also triggers acceleration.nny and correct growth of shoots. whatthe bush would be wide, I cut off the shootstsya half a meter. And so that the bush was infountain-shaped, everything is cut offnkie shoots at the base, and the remainingThe shoots are shortened.

Planttransplanted if there isneed. Before PeresAdit it, unnecessary and sick shootsare deleted. Transplant maketsya in the spring. Bush transplantiveat together with a large earthenlump

After transplanting shrubwater and plenty of water is requireda solution of "root". Also neoWe must treat the foliage. For uhEpin will do the same.

Application inlandscape design

This decorwillow culture enjoys hugePopular with gardener and landpin designers. Her juicy colorsand numerous blooms will come toattention of anyone, even yourselfsophisticated lover of flowers.

Poocereal is used in groupsnew and single landings. His primEnyu in garden design, urban couplescove They decorate the building.

But more oftentotal culture is grown forcreate hedges and Borduditch

Pictured above is a hedgefrom red-leaved rosewoodblisters Such a fenceIt turns out dense, bright and beautifulwillow.

What is the combination of a bubbleodnik?

Variety Luteus Goldencolors will look greatwith varieties like Red Baron andDiablo red. For dartsGold perfect barberry and white derren.

In the photo are different green varietiesbladder tree perfectly matchwith spirea and barberry for ozelRenovation of squares and squares.

Alsoculture looks good in thisTania with such cultures:

For picheaders in flowerpots and pots well suiteddyat dwarf varietal varietiesnosti. To such, for example, relatesXia Nana (Nana). He refers to the Amurvarieties of culture. One morethe undersized variety is LittleDevil (Little devil).

Dwarf green leafvarieties and krasnolistnye varieties in pots.

Summer Wine

Opulifolius Tiny Wine.

BellySummer Wine ’and Spirey‘ Ogon ’

Poo"Diabolo" rye fruit, peonies, hydrangealarge-leaved and hydrangea varieties“Anna Bella”.

Description and types of bladder

Bladder is part of the Bobo familyyour family includes 25 raznovthe identities of the plant. Differences betweenthe clan representatives are so insignificantthat even experts can not immediatelyrecognize them. Original notpinnate leaves up to 15 cm long.Yellow or orange flowers, catOrye attributed to the moth type.Riveted attentionErychny fruits of a bush, in a formits resembling a bubble in fish.This interesting feature reflectsis in the Russian version of the name.

Most common typesare:

Tree bladder(Colutea arborescens)

This is a tall bush that canreach 4-meter height. Barkbrown plant stem withlight shimmer, pinnateleaves are light green.Yellow flowers collected inbrush flowering continues as muchthree months - from May to July. Insteadflowers later form fruits,which as aging becomescurled rich red or honeyfoot color.

Eastyurum(Сololutea orientalis)

Shrubs rounded in shapeup to two meters. Leaves havebluish green, flowerscoppery red beans havepurple-red color.

Bubblebushy found its spreadTransit in the Crimea and the Caucasus, growingon rocky terrain. Often inSet in group and curblandings.

Bubble medium (Сolutea x media)

Is a hybrid of the bubble eastfull-time and tree.

Leaves havebluish-green color flowersdark red or orangeeta that appear in July and isChazat in mid-September. Beansripen in October.

Winter is bettertransfers than the bubble east.

The best place to plant in the garden

The best place to plant a plant- is an open solar uchastok. Bubble can be put on the sklonah shrub does wellwith the retention of crumbling earth.

For this plant seedlings in shahmafine order at a distance of 70 cm eachfrom friend. On scree do holes inin the form of a pocket, put compost on the bottom,cover with a 15 cm layer of earth, ande - planted the plant itself (wishThis is to be 50 cm high)plentifully watered.

Toleratesneighborhood crops like acaciawhite and glaciated.

Bubble is verylight-requiring Prefers roastscorching sun, long lightday. Poor shadedplots, so landing spotmust be chosen away from highokih trees.

Prefers clalkaline or neutral soils,loam. Does not tolerate marshyand saline soils.

Growing upbladder

Often for growingthis decorative cultureuse seeds but she is prettycan successfully propagate the handlestem or root.

RAnnea in spring or late autumnshrub planted in advanceprepared place.

First timeafter planting sapling abundantlypour out. Over time, whensapling take root, watering canwill stop he's contenttsya rains.

Seed planting

The plant can be grown from seed,but be aware that theypossess weak germination. SooThere are several ways:

  1. Peed by sowing them scalded baleor do stratificationseeds. Seeds spread on moistureThis material is placed in warmplace for a month and a half, not forgettingmoisten the cloth with seeds. Prorneed to be at temperaturenot below 22 ° C.
  2. Remove part of the peel,but very carefully, so as not to touchcore or prickpeel - it speeds up the process nabuhania and germination. Sproutseeds needed at temperaturesnot lower than 20 ° С, already noticeable in a weekresult.

Trimming and shapingcrowns

In mid-March,It is sanitary pruning shrubska when dry and badly removedgrowing branches. Sturdy branchesshorten, leaving 3-4 kidneysgrounds. Shrub fastOdds after trimming. Gardenerforms the crown of the bush, according toyour preferences.

Mainpests and diseasespossible difficulties in growing

Wet soil and poor drainage herenames of the main enemies of the plant.They lead to the death of the roots. In suchcase the plant is dug out and whentransplant remove damagedthe roots.

Before the onset of cold weatherbush root system is coveredspruce spruce branches or thick hearthdry leaves.

NepriotLive and original plant, towhich will truly be decoratedthe garden. Shrub that almostdoes not require attention and care, butbit delight in their appearance.

Types of bellyreed

Photos of this shrubshows how diverseit happens. But among them is possible inselect and especially interesting withmouth

Most often in the suburban areasand as part of various compositionsyou can meet such variedSTI of the bladderfly like KalinoliStny and Amur. The first isone of the favorite plants of the landscapedesigners who are especiallyappreciate him his attractiveview.

  • Caliphen bladder. Of the features of this plantIt is worth highlighting the thin, very curvybranches and crown in the form of a hemisphere. Withfascinating look and flowers themsnow white or pinkshade. They start to bloomalready in July, and with the onset of autumninstead of them, fruit sha formsRicky. This variety did not go unheededAia breeders who uselzal it as a basis forbreeding varieties and coustarn with different color foxestyev.
  • Golden yellow luteus.This variety looks uniquethanks to its spherical shape.Many say that he stronglymines unbound grapevines. The plant stands out for itsstately and luxurious views.For most of the periodvegetation it keeps yellowleaves that are already at the end of summer stFound greenish. With the passagetime the crust begins to flake offin the form of thin ribbons.
  • Purpur red baron. This variety deservesIt is popularly popular.thanks to its impressive appearanceawes He draws attentionbutting color of leaveswhich may change dependencieson how abundant the bushIt is illuminated by the sun. When you growLeaves bubble in shadowRed Baron's message instead of hisprimordial maroonhue gets mixed colorin the form of a combination of green and red.However, in autumn the foliage of this speciesbladderworm gains bronzov coloring.
  • Lemon Darts Gold. Most often this is an unusual plant.used to create a compacthedges that haveheight not more than 2.5 meters. Similarhedges not only look beautifulwillow but do not require special attentionin the process of caring for the bubblecom

Planting and care

Shrub Photoscan introduce everyone to hisspecies diversity. After all, the choicevarieties - one of the main issuesto be solved. After landingand care for the bubbleare having special skillssince this culture is alreadydemonstrates an astounding disarraydelicacy

  • When to put the bellyReindeer.

    For landing acquiredTite in the garden center or nurserysaplings of bladder closures with closedroot system - such a placePersonal material can be planted inany time except winter. Saplings withopen roots land weightNoah or autumn, although planting a bubblefruit in the fall still prefermore thoroughly. Choose for bubbleodnika sunny outdoor areaaway from large trees. If youplant a variety with green leaves,then it will grow well in halfeni To the soil at the bubble of alltwo requirements: it should not belime and it should be gooddrained - everything else isnot stagnation. True worth the talebe that on loose, fertile suglthe plant’s sole soil will be bMore lush, elegant and bright look.

    How to plant a bubble.

    Pit forbladder needle will need suchsizes so that it can beplace a layer of fertile land(or a mixture of earth, peat, sand and derna) and so that the root neckthe seedling was on par withrhnosti Therefore, dig a hole and pomit’s better to eat fertile soiltwo weeks before landing to landmanaged to settle down. Sapling bubbleDnica placed in a pit without removingthe roots of the ground so as not to injureplant, and fertilizer in the ground whenlanding is better not to add poska young plant on a new onethe place will not be able to assimilate them.Cover the pit with fertile soilor soil mixture of that compositionhas been described above, and abundantlypour the plant. If the soil gives a waspDku, add more land. First timemake sure the soil aroundseedling all the time was slightly owgood Grouch the plot with npeat or distillateoem

    How to care for a bubbledunik.

    The most important point of carefor the plant - timely watering,since the bubble is not overdueOsit drought. When moistening the soilwater should not fall on the leavesor inflorescences of the blister tree, sohow from this can they appearburns. Therefore, the plant is better forpour early in the morning or late afternoon.Approximate frequency of irrigationin the hot season - twice a daydivide, the amount of water for an adultBush - 40 l. Keep an eye outleaves of the plant, because the bellyFruits are harmful as a disadvantage.moisture and its excess. After watering,if you didn’t zamulchirovali plotneed to loosen the soil and removernjaki. Fertilize the blister twotimes a year - in spring and autumn. In the springfor feeding use solutionhalf-liter can of mullein, one hundredspoonful of ammonium nitrate andthe same amount of urea in10 l of water at the rate of 15 l of solution for oneadult plant. Autumn pristsol circle is waterednitroammofoski at the rate of 2 tablefertilizer spoons per 10 liters of water atconsumption of 15 liters of solution per adultmouth

    Pruning of the blister.

    Puzythe garden replodnik needs bothformative and in sanitaryEzke. In the spring, exercise is requiredsanitary pruning, removingbroken, sick, frozen intrees and shoots, as well as those that growinside the bush. Pruning blisternick in the autumn is necessarybush shrubs for wintering. FormHarvesting pruning is also possiblefor the fall, although it is wiser to doit's spring. If you want to have shithe bush, cut the bubbleat a height of half a meter, and if youattracts the shape of the fountain, cutall the thin shoots at the base, and onlyslightly shorten the remaining 5-6strong. Anti-aging pruningbush on the stump do in the sixth yearlife of the bladder Cuts per tonTiny shoots treated with sadoVym Vary.

    Transplant bubbleNika.

    Sometimes there is a needbridge transplant bubble -whether the place does not suit him, oryou have changed for himplans Adult bubble transplantthe garden is carried out in the springbefore the kidneys wake up or fall,after leaf fall. Transplanted pooa silver clod with a big lump of earthpre-pruninga hundred - removing all unnecessary, sickand thickening shoots, and the restshortened to 20-30 cm. This is done forto reduce the load onroot system which will behard to adapt at the same timesit in a new place and feed an adultbush. Transplant is carried outon the same principle as the primarylanding, adjusted for what youtransplanting is not a seedling, but grown upslush bush After transplanting pourKornevin solutionor Heteroauxin, and on the leaves aboutprocess Ecogel-antistrusEssom or Epin.

    Pests and boleznie the bladderfly.

    As you seeplanting and caring for the bladdereven an inexperienced florist canbesides this shrub is very ustoYichiv to diseases, pests and almostthey are not affected. Sometimes because of skuhe can develophs chlorosisyoung leaves and dryingapical shoots. In this caseyou will have to add to your dietiron by oprysnodding leaves or watering under toAntinechlorosis solution, FerRilena, Ferovita, and best of all -Iron chelate. Usually after thatrestore plant healthtsya.

    How to multiply the blister.

    At home, bubble frenzybreeds vegetatively - tapkami, cuttings and division of the bush.You can, of course, fall or springsow bubble seeds,pre-exposing them to the monthegg stratification but the fact isthat grown seedlings rarely inheritbright color foliage parentplants, and even messing with them a lot,while vegetative waysreproduction of the bladder and udomore, and more reliable, and give quick reresults.

    Bubbleplate in the fall.

    Autumn bubble is amazingbeautiful when solid foliagebegins to mimic autumn paintami Bladder is enough moresistant plant, and usuallyimya on adult bushes freezeonly young undisturbed sprigKi, however, rooted to the fallblade of the bladder stem as mynew bushes, harbor for the winter.

    Wintering bladderfly.

    As ukrdo the bubble if you livegive a frosty winter? Cautionpull the shrub with a string and coverits cone of ruberoid. You canlot wrap the bush lutrasilom.But pre soil aroundthe bush needs to be covered with a layerpeat 5-8 cm thickticks after trimming and mulchingit is better to cover the trunk circlelapnik.

    Amur bladder(Physocarpus amurensis)

    - shrub from mixed forestNorth China, North Koreaand the Far East with sphericalcrown. It reaches a height of 3 m. Molsingle shoots of plants of this speciessmooth, reddish brown,and the bark of old trunks is exfoliatedlongitudinal stripes. Bubble sheetAmur's Three-Fiveasthenic, heart-shaped,up to 10 cm long, dark green with topher side and grayish-whitish fromfelt starlike hairs withbottom. White flowers up to 1.5 cm in diameterthree in quantity from 10 to 15 piecesavchivu corymbose inflorescence and colorEutut for three weeks. Fruit -bloated leaflet as it maturedHaniya acquiring a red color.Amursky winterbagIt is used in solitary and gruppovy landings, hedges.He has been in culture since 1854. Known suchAmur bladder forms:

    • Luteus with the same brightsummer leaves and broin the fall,
    • Aureomarginate - bladder with dark goldenedging on the leaves,
    • Nana - dwarfcultivar variety, leaves unimulti-green.

    Bubbleplate Kalileafy (Physocarpus opulifolius)

    happens with the sunNorth America's current where it growsalong river banks and in the undergrowth. DostiThis shrub is 3 meters tall,he has a thick, hemispheric,leaves three to five lobes, ellipsetic, with large elongated Wedone lobes, serrated along the edgehu green, lighter below,sometimes with pubescence. Flowers to diatrom up to 12 mm white or pink with redstamens. Fruits - swollen foldpry leaflets, first light greenlazy but reddish as it ripensguides. Green apple leaflandscape design usedsolo and in a group, including forcreate a hedge. In culturesince 1864. The most famous varieties:

    DAdding an article to a new selection

    Physofarp (Physocarpus) - DeciduousA shrub from the family Pink,which is decorative throughoutof the season. This unpretentious bushwith lush buds you cangrow a novice. We will tell aboutfeatures of growing bubbleboatman.

    In landscape designis particularly popularcalinifolia This plantsprawling and drooping branches,three- or five-lobed leaves (asin viburnum), the color of which dependsoff grade and white or white and pinkspherical inflorescences from whichin summer it's impossible to look away.In the autumn in place of flowers appearvery decorative and unusualfruit leaflets.

    To enjoythis beauty on your site, needbut not at all a lot of usiley

    Planting bladder

    Butvichkam best to choose seedlingswith closed root system. Suchplants can be planted from spring toautumn. And seedlings of bubblewith open roots recommended"to settle" in the garden only in the fall (in thisSeptember), in extreme cases - earlyin the spring, but then the plants are worseare coming.

    Predator bubblemelts open sunny areas.Near this place should not growtall trees. By the way, varieties withgreen leaves developed wellAla and in partial shade, but bright colorcan only be achieved in the sun.

    To the plant was formedmagnificent crown, and in the summer on the shoots wasmany inflorescences, the soil on the sitemust be well drainedloose, fertile (suitable mixturegarden land, peat, sand and sod),loamy and without lime.

    Pit forbladder log dig this timemeasure to go over thereAnd a seedling with an earthy ball. Fetusthe soil is poured into a hole in 2 nate before landing so that the earth would have timesettle down When planting seedling rootThe neck must be onsame level as the surface grunta

    Sapling plentifully watered.If at the same time the land is much milletgives, then it must be poured. For withstoring moisture young bubbleDnev mulch peat or pegwhine

    This shrub is suitable forsingle and group landings butthe best in the garden looks livelyhedgehog fence. Togrow it young saplings youplanted in two rows instaggered order. Distance betweenrows - 35 cm, and between plants ina row - 45 cm.

    Varieties and varietiesbladder

    Sometimes bubbleDnik called erroneously spiraea,but this is a fallacy. These two plantsbelong to the same family butbelong to different genders. U vzrothe bark layer of the plant is separatedfrom escape with wide strips. Fruita bubble of a bearded tree resembles a bubblewhich gave the name of the plant. In Decemberprivate gardening is usedCaliphen varieties of bubbleika. Group these varietiesby foliage color.

    Sorta with redcolor leaf blade:

    • Summer wine

    Varieties having yellow sheetplate:

    • Darts Gold,

    Sorta with doublecoloring:

    • Coppertina.

    Of course, landingUspereplodnik, like any growthenia, begins with a selection approachof a place. Bladder jackAsno grows in the sun and in the shade. Fawho develops on soils with highgroundwater level and highlime content. Such soilmay provoke chlorosis orroot decay that will leadto the death of the shrub. To fertilitysoil plant does not show waspsboth conditions

    You can safely vysalive the plant as a livinghedges along the road because the bubblereplodnik very well toleratedpollution of the city airbut.

    It is better to purchase a plant forlanding with closed root systnursery. So you willwarranty purchase varietal seedlings.Container sapling can be plantedwake up at any time, excluding wintermonths. Planting material with fromcovered root system plantedspring or autumn. Autumn plantingpreferable because the conditionsfor rooting more favorables than in the spring.

    No trickswhen landing no: digging a holefor the root neckwas at ground level.Filled with fertile soilcomposition and well watered. StYerha mulch humus torusfom or just dry ground.

    Toget a hedge of a bubblegarden, young seedlingsdvuyat two-row way to chessatomic order. Between rows leftdistance is 35 cm, and 45 cm in a row.Such a fence can be formedtrimming it to make it look straightflax meter height. Freelimited hedgeonly side trimming, grow 1.8- 2.5 m, depending on the plantedvarieties.

    Council Shrub varieties withgolden or purple colorfoliage for example Diabolo or DartsGold, better planted in the sunplots, as in the shadow of decorativeawn foliage is reduced.

    Care withoutbother

    Despite the fact that the bubblethe boatman is unpretentiousplants it does not mean that a hundredit's planted and forget about it. Continuelife of shrub compHe is 30 years old. With a favorable mustachelily shrub for vegetativeperiod is able to add breadthand in height to 45 cm, in the second yearonly shoots are formedflowering shoots, so the bushstimulating is vitalEzka and crown shaping. Planttolerates this process very wellfool and quickly restored.For the winter does not require any additionalundercoververy hardy, only in severeit can freeze coldshoots tips.

    Special attention tosoil moisture is required by young,only planted plants, becausetheir survival rate depends on it.In general, the frequency and abundance of wateringdepends on age, soil compositionand climate zone is grownand I.

    1. When the bubble growsDnika on loams and high topicsperatura in the summer, wateringneed regular twice inweek for four buckets of water for adultsslush bush
    2. On heavy claysoils it is important not to overwetsoil not to provoke ribel root system.

    Pruningcan be divided into sanitary andformative. Sanitary pruningheld in the spring, her task isgive broken or frozenbranches of a plant. Shaped pruningit is better to spend in the spring, but you canand in the fall.

    Free-growing bushesbollipods have a crown shapein the form of a fountain. I wake up at the planttsya first and start to growyes riding buds. If you want semichit wide shrub with lots of nobeg, prune branches at heighthalf a meter. Fountain shapeattached by cutting out all thinshoots to ground level. In the bush toit is necessary to stay about fivedry shoots, their additionalshortened to a height of one and a halfmeters from the ground. Radical arrEzku spend every 4 - 5 years, leavinghemp 15 - 20 cm from the ground.

    Pruningnayut upon reaching the plant threehletnogo age. For givingbush more compact form, you can2 - 3 times shorten the young shootsduring the growing season.

    Fertilizer and shrub top dressing

    Feed the blister doubleddy for the season. Spring will be requiredincreased dosenitrogen for vegetative mass growth.This should be done at the time of dissolutionCania kidney. Apply infusion torove or bird droppings from rahalf a liter per bucket of water. In the autumnuse nitroammofoski solutionabout a matchbox fertilizerwater in a bucket. Adult bushesbladderworm reaching 10 or moreyears, increase the dose of top dressingin half.

    Bladder jackasno responds to mulchingtree trunk organicmaterials. Mulch creates goodfavorable conditions for the roots of racesTeniya: the soil does not overheat, withstructured and breathes to a minimumreduced humidity surges. Mulchwill relieve from constant looseningand weeding.

    Breeding methodsbladder

    Bladdereasy to propagate by yourself- by cuttings or cuttings, ashome, or division of the bush. Seminalway is also possible but the thing isthat seedlings rarely inherit traitsmother plant from whichseeds were taken. In addition, the troubleThis is an occupation. Vegetative cnespecially breeding plants saferand gives a consistently fast result.

    Reproduction by layering. This is the mostless time consuming option. Fromtake spring healthy and strongescape, tear off the foliage, leavinguntouched only the top. Nowthis escape is laid in advancedug trench, depth 10-15 cm andwe press to the ground with a pin fromovoloki or wood. Top with leafwe bend vertically upwardsand tied to wooden colashku Prikopannaya part of the escape willthe roots. Now the main task - itsmodern soil moistening toyoung roots are well strengthened toautumn. Next year early springoh you can plant a young bushto a permanent place.

    Breedingcuttings. For this purpose, cutyoung shoots of the current yearabout 20 cm long. On the top of the foliageshortened by half the restremove completely. Bottom partcan be slightly scratched to bA faster callus was formed, whichsubsequently give roots. For a dayput the cuttings in a bucket of water inwhich we add the drug, Steamroot formation orspoon of honey. Now you can landcuttings in school.

    The soil must breatheoh, so under the cuttings in advancewe prepare and we bring soil frommixtures of peat and sand. We cover schoolsku film and do not forget to moistenair and spray. In wintercuttings need shelter and springoh you can land them on a permanenta place.

    To duplicate puzyrepboatman seeds, they need withspend within a monthbefore landing. Planted seedsto a depth of 2 - 3 cm.

    Disease and harmate

    Another advantage of the bubblea fruitman - he practically hasn'tIt is affected by diseases and pests.It is rare to observe chlorosis in foxes.tiev - when the tips of pob dries outHis leaves and leaves turn yellow whenit remains green. It's relatedlacking trace elements insoil: iron, magnesiumor nitrogen, or over-wetting toornea coma. Chlorosis can causeviruses and microorganisms thatare spread by pests. Introductioncomplex fertilizers with irrigationor spraying with chelated foliageconnections will help the bladderiku restore health.

    Puzyreplodnik good soloistplant beautiful in the form of livingfencing in mixed grouplandings. In this bush decoeven the bark is rativa. Leaves and flowerschanging shades during the seasonwill bring a contrast colorvariety in greengarden plot.

    Bubble carethe fruit garden

    The plant is poorly tolerateddrought, so first of allneed to take care of in timewatering (in summer - on average 2 timesin Week). But the earth is moistened earlyin the morning or in the evening and so that the dropsdid not fall on the leaves and buds.Otherwise under the influence of the sun onburns may occur.If the shrub is not maligned,then after watering the soil is loosened andWeeds are weeded gently.

    Withplanting the fruit bladderdo not apply fertilizer to the bottomneed, but a few years laterenniya start feeding 2 timesin year. In the spring using 0.5 l mulleina and 1.5 tbsp. ammonium nitrate or 1st.l.urea (carbamide). All this is solwatered in 10 liters of water and poured under oneplant. For older shrubs10 years will need about 15 liters of thisfertilizer. Autumn bladderwoodfed with nitroammofoskoy(2 tablespoons per 10 liters of water). On the bush spend10-15 liters of fertilizer.

    Trimming and shapingnotion of the bladder

    Trimming bellyThe reed of the spring should be andsanitary and formative. Whereinremove all broken, sick,frozen branches, as well as those thatThey grow into the bush and thickencrown. The remaining shoots prunedso that the bush acquired attractedform.

    Autumn haircutbladder needle is needed in orderToby the plant wintered better.At this time, cut all the damagedry shoots, after which theyburned to destroy harmfirs that love to get settledfor wintering on dry branches.

    Rejuvenationivyivayuschey pruning bush (stump) casesayut at the age of 5-6 years. At the same time sliceson thick shoots recommendedcover with garden pitch to go thereFungi and bacteria have not penetrated.

    Bolbladder fever

    Bladderuk almost not sick and do not hurtwaiting for insects. But if growNutritional nutrient deficiencies(in particular, iron and magnesium), thenem to develop chlorosis. In this caseleaf plate (excluding veins)yellows, and young shoots dry up.To save the shrub, its polywipe under the root of anti-chlorosis orIron chelate.